Ask The Readers: Running a Ultima campaign in S&W

The Avatar Inspired by Chgowiz’s Siege Perilous project I am tempted to run my own Ultima campaign using Swords & Wizardry rules. Alas he only covered the early parts of the series (Ultima I – III) that I never played. My favorite Ultima games were always Ultima VI and VII.

There are a few issues I am a bit unsure about, mainly how classes should work and what changes are necessary to the world and story to make it possible to run a compelling S&W campaign.

I’ve posted these questions in this thread over at the Swords & Wizardry forums. If you have any advice, please post your answers there, or use the comment section below. Thanks, any help is much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: Running a Ultima campaign in S&W”

  1. I'd go ahead and make the eight classes. It's easy to do for Old School games if you have the point-buy tools.

    I don't really see a need for a "stranger" class, since the PC always ended up as one of the usual classes. Would be awesome if you did character creation via the gypsy woman's pseudo-tarot, though. 😀

    A "stranger" race? Hmmm… Maybe. Not sure I see the need.

    I'd make the big cities not necessarily city-states, but just large metropoli with many smaller, supporting communities around them. Somebody's got to be growing all the grain they eat in Minoc. Certainly it's not the folks in far-off Bree.

    And I would totally offer the players the chance to do the Avatar quest. 😀
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