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The official Open D6 project may be dead (or at least of uncertain status), but there are still enough dedicated fans willing to resurrect the idea. One of those fans recently created a wiki for the so-called Open D6 Project Resurrection. But let the wiki’s creator speak for himself:

Open D6 Project Resurrection Open D6 was a project started by Eric Gibson the owner of West End Games as a means of making the D6 System more available and customizable to the fanbase at large. With the disappearance of Mr. Gibson from the professional arena for over half a year Open D6 Project Resurrection (also known as Open D6 Resurrection) takes the OGL and runs with it. This wikia is intended to be used as a compilation and resource center for materials created through Google Wave.

If you are a fan of West End Games’ D6 system, you may want to check out the wiki and perhaps even contribute an article or two.

6 thoughts on “Open D6 Resurrection Wiki”

  1. I also hope that AntiPaladin Games keeps working on Mini Six, which is another attempt at saving the Open D6 project.

  2. What I don't understand is why Eric Gibson is being listed as "MIA" in the corporate sense – what, is he just not responding to emails? Maybe I'm missing an important piece of this puzzle — but why is Open D6 "dead" ? and needs to be ressurected?
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  3. From what I understand he hasn't been seen online for months now, although the beta of the OpenD6 website was about to start. And obviously nobody from the WEG Fan Website was able to reach him for comment. And as far as I know there are a few people who know him personally. The website for WEG hasn't been updated for over a year now and even the only OpenD6 product released by WEG (namely Bill Coffin's Septimus) isn't mentioned on the site. It might be that Eric suddenly reappears and surprises us all with a fully functioning OpenD6 website. But until that happens, we can only assume that he got into hiding or something. And some fans are now taking up the d6 System rules which he released under the OGL and do something with it.

  4. Don't feel bad. I agree 100% with what you have written in that post. And I really hope that people like AntiPaladin Games continue to carry the torch because I've lost trust in Eric a long time ago. He's all talk if you ask me. The fans have done a great job, and he hasn't even managed to update the WEG website for over a year.

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