New Erdenstern album in the works

If you have been following Stargazer’s World for some time now, you probably already read a few reviews of music suitable for roleplaying sessions. Aside from various soundtracks there are a few musicians who are creating music especially with roleplaying in mind, one of those bands is Erdenstern.

The three German musicians Andreas Petersen, Eva-Maria Irek and Per Dittmann are currently working on their next album which will be called “Into The White”. Here’s what the official site tells us about Erdenstern’s upcoming CD:

white_cover_72Announced for summer, 2010

“Into The White” leads you far up north, through the austere lands of the tundra to the endless range of eternal ice. Amidst the cold and solitude, you meet the inhabitants of this hostile environment – proud warriors, simple fishermen, surreal figures and wild beasts. You will witness the intense and forbidding beauty of the scenery. You will explore mighty glacial caves, cross snow-covered plains, seek shelter from avalanches and blizzards. Lit by the magical northern lights, your expedition comes to a close.

And here’s a sample of what “Into The White” will have to offer. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “New Erdenstern album in the works”

  1. Sounds pretty nice so far!

    I don't know if you're aware of it, but Erdenstern finished a rather cool project a few months ago, known as "13 Briefe":

    It's a very cool Flash-based site where you can read (you guessed it) thirteen letters that tell a really cool, Cthulhu-ish story. The best part, however, is that every letter comes with a cool, eerie track made by Erdenstern. It gets even better: you can download those tracks for FREE! 😀

    So, if you need some new and thrilling sounds for an upcoming horror adventure, or you just want to read something quite scary (it's not just scary 'cause it's written in German! :P), go check out 13 Briefe!

  2. I am aware of "13 Briefe" but I haven't covered it here on Stargazer's World because it's German only. But I didn't know you can download the music tracks, too. I think I'll have to give it a second look.

  3. That sounds great… I’ll use some of their music for my RPG sessions for sure! Thanks Michael.

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