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3D printed ban hammer © Christopher Thompson (licensed under CC BY-SA) Today I had to delete a comment on my blog. That’s something I don’t do that often and I actually don’t like doing so. As I said in one of my articles on RPG blogging I stated that RPG bloggers have to grow a thick skin. Sometimes discussions can get a bit heated and when you allow comments on your posts you sometimes have to live with replies you don’t actually like.

But sometimes there are times when deleting a comment is necessary. I delete everything that looks like spam or that could be considered illegal. I don’t tolerate racism, hate speech or misogyny. And if you think you need to attack one of your fellow commenters or the author of the article of the post without adding anything meaningful to the discussion, you don’t have to be surprised when I delete your comment.

If you can’t accept these simple rules, it’s perhaps best you refrain from commenting here. Everyone else is welcome to share his or her thoughts. The community around Stargazer’s World has always been a nice and open one and I hope this is not going to change in the future, even if there’s some controversial topic to argue about.

5 thoughts on “A word on comments”

  1. Personally, I can’t stand political correctness so I kinda like racism, hate speech and misogyny. I’m not a douche about it though, especially at random unrelated places, like gaming blogs. It tends to make people freak out.

    I think it’s silly that any comment could be considered illegal. You’d think that this “free speech” idea that gets mentioned from time to time would automatically clear any and all text of legal trouble.

    Spam is just pollution.

    1. There’s a common misconception that free speech allows you to spread hate speech etc. and there’s free speech on privately run forums, blogs etc.
      Free Speech means that the state doesn’t censor you, but if you post at someone’s forum for example they have the right to control the content that appears there.

  2. I have nothing but support for aggressive use of the ban hammer for comments. I’ve seen such rubbish and filth over the years, and make no apologies about doing heavy moderation of comments. Go hard.

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