Create your own font!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create your own TrueType fonts that you could use to create cool-looking handouts on your computer? I am pretty sure most of us have used handwritten handouts for their games before, or even created their own runic script or something like that.

A while ago I stumbled upon a website that allows you to create your own font from your handwriting, but it could also be used to create any kind of font. The creation process is quite easy. You download a PDF template which you then print out. Then you fill out said template. To try it out I used my own handwriting, but symbols, an invented script, or runes work as well. Then you put the template into your scanner and upload it as JPG, TIFF or PNG back to the site for processing. After a couple moments you can then download your own custom True Type Font. It’s as easy as that.

Here’s an example of my own handwriting in WordPad:


3 thoughts on “Create your own font!”

  1. I wonder if anyone has used it to make the standard old-school dungeon map symbols (for doors, statues, tables, chairs, etc.).

  2. this sounds very useful! awesome!
    btw i love WRM and Refer others to it every chance i get. Right now a mate of mine is running a campaign with WRM set in the warhammer 40k universe 🙂 very adaptable system and so easy to use and expand upon.

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