#RPGaDay2017 Day 20: Gaming at e(of the)bay…

Third time’s the charm with these #RPGaDay2017 posts, thanks for dropping by for a read. Today’s question is:

August 20: What is the best source for out-of-print RPGs?

I’ve been lucky in the sense that I’ve kept most of my RPG collection intact through the years. I’ve given away a book here or there, but I Still have most of my books. When I look for out-of-print books it is usually games I never owned that I find out about later. Where do I get them?

Usually ebay. True that’s not the best place… Usually you won’t find exactly what you need, but if you are patient you can usually get something at a decent price. I’ve recently also used auction sites in Facebook, specifically Role Playing Games & Miniatures (Sell and Trade).

Since WotC began selling their out of print supplements via DriveThuRPG in PDF and Print on Demand (PoD) I’ve gotten some of them in PDF (still to use PoD for these), even some that I own in hard copy, just to have them available to read or reference digitally. I always see ads for Noble Knight Games as a source of out-of-print RPG supplements, and I’ve browsed their site, but can’t recall even buying from them.

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Fellow gamer Angel Miranda is also participating of #RPGaDay2017 in his ARMR Studio Channel and today he talks about where he gets his out-of-print games. You can see his video here:

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One thought on “#RPGaDay2017 Day 20: Gaming at e(of the)bay…”

  1. 1) DriveThruRPG/RPGnow – but that only works if the product is from the PDF era, or there isn’t a lapsed license involved … some of the games I go after are pre-PDF era, or are out of print because a license wasn’t renewed. Lapsed licenses usually cause the product to be taken down from PDF sales.

    2) Noble Knight (online game store that has a huge catalog of used and out of print games) (nobleknight.com). A great source for pre-PDF games or games whose license has lapsed. But, depends entirely on what they’ve gotten in their stock list, usually from other customers selling their old copies to Noble Knight :-}

    3) My Local Game Store has (had?) a consignment/used game section.

    4) Amazon … they actually sometimes have what I’m looking for in out of print stuff, from their independent sellers. But, things can quickly get pricy there (for out of print products), so I try to find it other places first.

    5) If I _have_ to, ebay. But the reliability of sellers there can vary a lot, so I always check other places first.

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