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Even Stranger Things Are Coming

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably have heard about Stranger Things, a Netflix series, which came basically out of nowhere, but thrilled its audiences. It’s also the only TV series I know which starts with a group of kids playing D&D. It’s a story about friendship, but also about government conspiracies, ESP, parallel universes, and its fueled by great acting, a thrilling script and a lot of 1980s nostalgia. In my opinion everyone should have at least watched it once.

There is no official Stranger Things RPG, but with Tales from the Loop (which I recently reviewed) we have something pretty close. Overall I think Stranger Things can serve as inspiration for many GMs. The plot of Stranger Things would fit right into your Call of Cthulhu campaign for example.

The highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things is just around the corner, and I’ve embedded the official trailer below. If you haven’t watched season one, there might be a few spoilers, so be warned!

I think Stranger Things is an awesome TV series everyone who feels at least a bit “geek” should watch, even if you don’t use it as inspiration for your tabletop roleplaying games.

P.S.: The soundtrack works great as background music for your roleplaying games especially if they are set into the 1980s.

RPG Blog Carnival: Technology in my Games

Greetings dear readers! Michael recently wrote about our efforts to revitalize the blog, and I think we’re off to a good start. He invited our readers to discuss the types of posts and topics they enjoyed, and in one such comment Voidman said he liked one of my earlier pieces about using technology at the gaming table. Thank you for the kind words; it’s a pleasure to have you, and so many others as our readers.

This topic, the technology I use as a GM, is constantly evolving, and is one that deserves some revisiting periodically. On this post I’d like to discuss the technology I currently use to run our Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign. It also happens that the topic of the RPG Blog Carnival for September 2016 is Game Master Tools, Aids, Apps & Hacks, so it all comes together rather fortuitously!


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RPG a Day 2016: RPG Cribs – Day 30

So we come to this, day 30, the penultimate day of #RPGaDay 2016. So much fun! As I’ve said before, August has been a rollercoaster. Like last year, RPG a Day 2016 got me back to posting regularly in the blog after a long spell of inactivity. This year RPG a Day came at a month were some of the elderly family members I help take care of were unwell, I had a lot do to at my new job, plus Nilda and I were getting everything ready for our wedding next Thursday. An auspicious month, but very busy; everything seems to be going as planned now, and as everything draws to a close, we’re ready to end this challenge and I’m ready to get hitched. So let’s get this post out of the way!

August 30: Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited.

Day 22 last year was about a perfect game environment, and while I went into some details of the amenities I would like, I did one of my sappy cop outs and said that my ideal place to game is where I can have fun with my friends… I still mean that, but this time around let’s take it seriously and map out my ideal RPG Crib! Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: RPG Cribs – Day 30