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Savage Worlds, playing The Wild Hunt (and a long winded retrospective…)

I have been intrigued by Savage Worlds ever since I first read about it. A system designed to be “fast, furious and fun”, without sacrificing the detailed character creation and the tactical aspects I’ve come to like in RPGs, that’s easy for the GM to prep for and can be used for many genres? Sold!

I got the revised rulebook in early 2006 and tried to read it. While it seemed simple enough there were many bits I found confusing, especially how damaged worked (Shaken, not stirred, nor wounded!). So I never got around to finishing it or even playing it. But I kept hearing great things about the game, so when I saw the Explorer’s Edition at Gen Con in 2007 I snatched two copies. I wanted to make this the game for my planned sci-fi game (regular readers will note that the aforementioned sci-fi game has now been in the planning stages for 8 years!) and I figured the extra copy would get passed around the table. Sadly Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition suffered the same fate as True20 and other previous games I believed would entice my players. It lingered unused in a shelf for years.

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Have you ever dreamed about creating a Google Maps style map of your campaign world? My friend and fellow RPG blogger Zakharov Sawyer recently told me about mashupforge, a new service that allows you to do just that. You can even add markers with descriptions about the various places on the map. This can be a very handy tool, especially when you use a laptop or tablet PC at the game table. Below you see a map created by Zak:

Plane of Sylvigoth
If you want to check out the map in all its interactive glory, follow this link. Mashupforge is currently in beta, and they’ll probably add more features in the future but if you look for an easy and free way to turn your campaign map into an interactive map in the style of Google Maps, mashupforge is definitely worth a look.

Fun with Photofunia

On the German RPG Blog “Cthulhu’s Ruf” I read about Photofunia, a service that allows you to apply all kinds of interesting effects onto your portrait photos. Aside from being a perfect time waster it can be easily used to create handouts for your roleplaying games. Here are some examples:

Wanted Poster (Western Style) Wanted Poster (Harry Potter Style)
Wanted Poster (Western Style) Wanted Poster (Harry Potter Style)
Newspaper Handout Behold the Great Cthulhu
Newspaper Handout Behold the Great Cthulhu

I am sure you can come up with even more creative uses of PhotoFunia’s effects. Enjoy!