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#RPGaDay2017 Day 27: “Just the basics ma’am.”


Better late than never… again! And this is the last Sunday post for #RPGaDay2017. This is the home stretch, 4 days to go! It is still day 27 in my time zone, so here we go:

August 27: What are your essential tools for good gaming?

The simple answer, technology! “But this is tabletop gaming Roberto. Where we game we don’t need technology!” I grant you that if you say that, you’d be mostly right. Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading #RPGaDay2017 Day 27: “Just the basics ma’am.”

#RPGaDay2017 Day 26: Wonderful toys!


Hello and welcome to the last Saturday post for #RPGaDay2017. We’re almost done. This month has flown by far too fast! Just like yesterday, I Was unsure about what to write today. Once I figured it out, the rest flowed easily. What is the topic for today you ask? Here you go:

August 26: Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

Dear reader, a reminder just in case this is the first time you read one of my posts. I’m usually the GM when I run games. Currently as part of Desde la Fosa I’m getting the chance to be a player more, but when I think about which game has the best resources, it’s usually from a GMs perspective. That being said… Continue reading #RPGaDay2017 Day 26: Wonderful toys!

#RPGaDay2017 Day 24: No such thing as a free supplement


This week of #RPGaDay2017is just flying by… Today’s question is about freebies:

August 24: Share a Pay-What-You-Want publisher who should be charging more.

This is a tricky subject. Pay-What-You-Want products are a wonderful way to get people interested in a publisher’s products. I think they have a key place in the modern market of RPGs.  I have thought long and hard about this one, because I couldn’t think of a publisher to answer this question… Continue reading #RPGaDay2017 Day 24: No such thing as a free supplement