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Traveller: OTU, MTU, or something completely different?


When running Traveller you basically have these options:

  1. You can run a game set into the Official Traveller Universe (OTU), which is the so-called Charted Space in the official timeline.
  2. You can make the setting your own, by changing things around, introduce new elements, but basically keep the Universe intact. This is what people usually call MTU or My Traveller Universe.
  3. You use Traveller as a generic SF roleplaying game and use whatever universe comes to mind – from your own creations to settings from books, movies etc.

Each of these options come with its own problems and advantages. Going OTU is probably the easiest and best supported way to do things. Mongoose also opened up another route, which is using their Traveller ruleset to run games set in other settings supported by them. They ported 2300 AD to their Traveller ruleset, there’s a Judge Dredd setting for Traveller, and they even released a Babylon 5 sourcebook.

I guess most people use the OTU as a basis for their own creations. You can easily create your own subsector and insert this into Charted Space whereever you wish. Or you want to play in the OTU but without any alien races. That’s actually pretty easily done. Overall I guess this approach is what works best with Traveller. You just use the parts from the OTU you like and remove the parts you don’t like. As long as you don’t mess with the basic assumptions like the way the Jumpdrive works and that there’s no FTL radio, things should be fine. Heck, as long as these basic tropes are untouched you can pretty much replace all of Charted Space with your own creations and things should be working smoothly.

But when you want to use Traveller for vastly different settings more heavy hauling is needed. The careers, skills, equipment etc. were all designed with a certain gameplay and universe in mind. Adopting other SF settings to Traveller should work pretty well, as long as you don’t mind some handwaving. I can easily imagine people using Traveller rules regardless of edition for Star Wars, Mass Effect, and other space opera settings. Some issues may arise if you have extremely huge spaceships like in the Perry Rhodan universe where spheroid ships of over 2 kilometers diameter are pretty common.  I really don’t want to build something like this using any of the ship design systems.

But in general Traveller works pretty well as a generic SF roleplaying game. Still I have the impression that most people stick pretty close to the OTU. Is there a reason for this, or is my perspective skewed? What I want to ask of the Traveller players and referees among my readers is to share their thoughts on the subject. Tell us about your Traveller universes. What type of games have you used Traveller for? Is it as versatile as I think, or should one stick to the OTU? Please share your thoughts below.

Garesia: Land of Broken Shackles, Part 2


Dear reader, thank you for coming back! This is part 2 (although technically it is the third post) of the Garesia campaign. This all began as an adventure that became the idea for a campaign. When I wrote the first post I thought I’d be done with this topic in one or two entries, but here we are and the ideas just keep coming.

After the last post I started writing about the peoples and races of Garesia, but I kept referencing a creation myth that I had in mind. As more and more ideas and details for the creation myth came to me, I set aside the races and people details for another post, and ended up writing this one. The topics for today are creation myths and the gods of the world of Garesia. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Creation Myth of Garesia

The people of Garesia share a common creation myth, and while the relentless passage of time has indubitably led to different peoples embellishing these tales to reinforce their particular place in these legends, the longer lived races still preserve the tales as told to them by their deities. Continue reading Garesia: Land of Broken Shackles, Part 2

Garesia: Land of Broken Shackles, Part 1


Welcome back! Building upon last Friday’s post, I plan to continue detailing the campaign I inadvertently came up with wile creating an adventure for the last geeknic. You can read all about that the post in the previous link.

Garesia began to coalesce as I wrote the adventure and in the following days after running the adventure it had been bouncing around in my head. Since I created the adventure for D&D 5e and that the system I’m currently playing, many elements from that game made their way into my conception of the setting, but I’m sure it could easily be adapted to other systems. I’m going to try and organize my thoughts and provide an overview of Garesia’s history and the people and creatures that make up the campaign. I’ll cover the first part, history, on this post and continue with other topics in other posts. I’ll probably revisit some of the ideas presented here once I’m finished, so there may be revisions. If there is significant real interest I could compile all this information into one PDF to share with the readers of Stargazer’s World. Let’s see how it goes… Continue reading Garesia: Land of Broken Shackles, Part 1