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Fantasy Fridays

Fantasy Fridays! Ask the readers, Pathfinder RPG House Rules?

Hello readers! Sorry for another skipped week RL and all that. I’m very interested in continuing my contributions to the blog with at least one post a week. Let’s do this…

You’ll notice I’ve switched around the title, this week it’s Fantasy Fridays! Don’t worry, my sci-fi campaign continues apace, and I’m very happy with it. However, the major prep for that campaign is done, and while I continue to write and create for the Wanderers of the Outlands campaign, I’ve got to start prepping for the next campaign.

That may sound crazy, but it’s part of my method, and I’ve blogged about it before. Once a campaign is running I begin to plan for the next one parallel to the one I’m running. I don’t devote that much time to it, about 25% of my prep time goes to future campaigns. Right now I’m on the stage where I try to decide what games I’m interested in running so I can share some preliminaries with my players and gage their interest.

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XVI

And we are very close to the end… I’ve created a LOT of material for my campaign, but most of what’s ready and I’m sharing with my players has already been posted in the Blog. I’ve got these Journeyman’s Gazette posts, which are intended as a publication in the campaign, a sort of newsletter for people looking for work in the milieu of the Outlands. Part 1 includes the general news and job postings, Part 2 next week will be a guide to the space quadrant the players will begin the game in.

After that all I have are some handouts I created, which I thought might be of interest to you and plan on sharing in PDF form. After that the posts about the posts about the Wanderers of the Outlands will be finished. I’ve got two questions I’d like to ask you dear reader, one I’ve asked before and another one about the future of Sci-Fi Fridays!

  1. Would you be interested in seeing all the campaign information compiled into a single PDF document?
  2. Would you be interested in me continuing the Sci-Fi Fridays! series and discussing other topics about science fiction related to gaming?

Well, that’s all for now, see you all next week.

The Journeyman’s Gazette, Part 1

[Coding references enabled, presented in this format on the hardcopy]

[Identifying account… 3… 2… 1… Success]

[Preferences loaded]             

[Abridge hardcopy being produced… Thank you!]

Gazette Hardcopy

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WotO Part IV

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part IV

Welcome back to another instalment of my current post series Sci-Fi Fridays.  For the uninitiated, I’m presenting the background materials for my upcoming Savage Worlds campaign which I’ll be running for my gaming group in the near future. If you want to read the previous post, check out Part I, Part II and Part III. On this post we leave the Outlands and expand into the greater galaxy to learn more about the Union, and one of the stellar nations that form it.

I hope you are finding these posts useful, that you find some inspiration, or even use them to show people how you can overdo campaign background! I look forward to your comments and critique. Now let’s venture forth into the Union…

IV. The Greater Galaxy

The Outlands are the fringes of the Union; however even in the Outlands the greater galaxy influences the lives of those seeking to escape it. The Union is a relatively new political entity, a beast born out of the Great Galactic War. In theory it is an extra-governmental body appointed with keeping the peace, maintaining security and creating a common economy, a level playing field, that benefits every world in the Union. The Union has existed for merely 13 years, three years before the end of the Great Galactic War, and it depends on the three majority members to survive, the Rukta Workers Consortium, the EIN Triumvirate and the Freeholds of Alpha Centauri.


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