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The Times They Are a-Changin’

This blog has existed for over 6 years now. Back in August 2008 the RPG blog community has looked quite different from today. Blogs were nothing new – even back then – but there were way less active roleplaying blogs back then. It was in the same year – at least if I remember correctly – that a couple of people got together and created the RPG Bloggers Network.

rpgbloggers_member_squareThe RPG Bloggers Network was meant to be more than just a simple RSS aggregator. The idea behind the RPGBN was to create a real community and provide readers with easy access to high-quality articles. Back in the day getting accepted to join the community felt like an honor. It also had a very noticeable effect on the traffic your blog received.

In addition to that there really was a community back then. The members tried to read other members’ blogs regularly and there were real discussions going on. Sometimes the whole RPGBN picked up a certain topic and ran with it. These early days of the RPGBN brought us RPG Blog Carnivals, two volumes of the Open Game Table (an excellent blog post anthology), and several other exciting community-driven projects.

Over time the RPG Bloggers Network grew and the high standards of the early days were lowered. This was a good and a bad thing. It was great to see many more bloggers join in, but it also made it harder to maintain a feeling of community. Back in 2008 the RPGBN felt like a family, but this changed quickly. Things started to get downhill when the original maintainers of the RPGBN stepped down and sold the network. One of the reason they left their baby behind is probably that it became extremely hard to keep things running. The technology behind the main site was terribly broken and the community was probably not that easy to handle either. Continue reading The Times They Are a-Changin’

Fantasy Fridays! Ask the readers, Pathfinder RPG House Rules?

Hello readers! Sorry for another skipped week RL and all that. I’m very interested in continuing my contributions to the blog with at least one post a week. Let’s do this…

You’ll notice I’ve switched around the title, this week it’s Fantasy Fridays! Don’t worry, my sci-fi campaign continues apace, and I’m very happy with it. However, the major prep for that campaign is done, and while I continue to write and create for the Wanderers of the Outlands campaign, I’ve got to start prepping for the next campaign.

That may sound crazy, but it’s part of my method, and I’ve blogged about it before. Once a campaign is running I begin to plan for the next one parallel to the one I’m running. I don’t devote that much time to it, about 25% of my prep time goes to future campaigns. Right now I’m on the stage where I try to decide what games I’m interested in running so I can share some preliminaries with my players and gage their interest.

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XVI

And we are very close to the end… I’ve created a LOT of material for my campaign, but most of what’s ready and I’m sharing with my players has already been posted in the Blog. I’ve got these Journeyman’s Gazette posts, which are intended as a publication in the campaign, a sort of newsletter for people looking for work in the milieu of the Outlands. Part 1 includes the general news and job postings, Part 2 next week will be a guide to the space quadrant the players will begin the game in.

After that all I have are some handouts I created, which I thought might be of interest to you and plan on sharing in PDF form. After that the posts about the posts about the Wanderers of the Outlands will be finished. I’ve got two questions I’d like to ask you dear reader, one I’ve asked before and another one about the future of Sci-Fi Fridays!

  1. Would you be interested in seeing all the campaign information compiled into a single PDF document?
  2. Would you be interested in me continuing the Sci-Fi Fridays! series and discussing other topics about science fiction related to gaming?

Well, that’s all for now, see you all next week.

The Journeyman’s Gazette, Part 1

[Coding references enabled, presented in this format on the hardcopy]

[Identifying account… 3… 2… 1… Success]

[Preferences loaded]             

[Abridge hardcopy being produced… Thank you!]

Gazette Hardcopy

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