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RPG a Day 2016: “Shall play a game?”- Day 19

Friday at last! What a week… If you’ve been following my #RPGaDay 2016 posts you’ll notice my posting times have been all over the day this week. Work and family matters have kept me occupied, but I refuse to give up on the challenge. Let’s talk about learning.

August 19: What is the best way to learn a new game?

This subject is of great interest to me. As an educator, how humans learn, and how to facilitate these processes, is something I’m endlessly curious about. Since may of use began playing RPGs as teenagers, or even younger, it is very interesting to see how these games might have played a part in our cognitive development. For years I’ve also worked in adult education in one capacity or another and knowing adults who learn to role-play later in life is such a the contrast of how we learned as kids. Don’t worry, I’m not going full scholar for this post, it is Friday after all and you’re not here to read the abstract for my thesis. Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: “Shall play a game?”- Day 19

RPG a Day 2016: Guess who’s coming to the game? – Day 16

Welcome to Tuesday and the continuing series of posts for #RPGaDay 2016. Today’s topic is one of those common questions that get asked a lot in questionnaires and lists of this sorts, and one I’m not particularly fond of.  But I’m committed to this challenge so I’ll soldier on. The question is:

August 16: What historical character would you like in your group and for what game?

Coming up with a historical figure can be daunting, we think we know these people, but we rarely know more than bits and pieces of their lives. While the Wikipedia entry on the Historical Figure gives a useful definition, while stating that there is an ongoing discussion whether these famous persons have really had such monumental impact on history (the great man theory vs Herbert’s idea of such men as products of their social environment) , let’s use that definition for the purposes of this post has proved really hard for me! Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: Guess who’s coming to the game? — Day 16

RPG a Day 2016: Favorite Inspiration for your Game Part 2 – Day 15

Another week begins, and a new set of posts for #RPGaDay 2016 challenge. Here’s hoping everyone had a great weekend. Let’s get going with today’s topic…

August 15: What types or source of inspiration do you turn to most often for RPGs?


Sources of inspiration were the topic of Day 26 of RPG a Day last year. I won’t repeat what I said there; let me just tell you that I talked about comics, Babylon 5 and telenovelas. Yeah you read that right.  Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to go and read that post. I’ll wait right here for you…

Welcome back!  What did you think about it? Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: Favorite Inspiration for your Game Part 2 — Day 15