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WotO Part XXI

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XXI

Of all the Sci-Fi Fridays! posts, this is the easiest one to write, since it was written for me. As part of the preparation for my Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign, about which you’ve been reading the background materials and house rules over the past 20 weeks, I asked the players to write introductions to their characters.  I typically give out bonus Experience Points before the campaign begins for things such as these, and this time around was no exception. They could earn bonus Experience Points for drawing or finding character portraits, finding a miniature, writing a background, all in all if they did everything they would get 5 XP and their first Advancement (in Savage Worlds terms) before the game commenced. Needless to say, every player did it!

Besides the campaign survey, which I had handed out months ago as I sat down to prepare the campaign, as to make sure my preparations met their likes and expectations, I also asked them for a little list before the game began. I called it the List of 9. I wanted them to list 3 plots they would like to play, 3 goals their character had, and 3 enemies they’d like to face. No further instructions. Some players gave me general one or two word answers, others wrote paragraphs for each. That was ok, I wanted an idea, a baseline to know what they would like to play as we began the game.

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WotO Part XX

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XX

Welcome back reader. Last week was the end of the materials I prepared for my Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. This week we played our third session and I am incredibly excited about how the game is going. As a motivator to get players writing session summaries I dangled the carrot of an extra bennie for the player that wrote it. My player came back and offered to write summaries in a round robin fashion, and the idea of a communal extra bennie if the session summary is written. I agreed and the idea has taken off. Following Sara’s suggestion we created a notebook in OneNote and shared it online. Players have been posting in character summaries, started discussions, reflections. Amazing! I truly have a wonderful group of players sitting at my table.

Here are the rules we are using for the summaries and extra communal bennie:

Ship’s Log – Rules and Rewards

As per player feedback and request and the after game discussion on 05-20-2014 I rewrote the Ship’s Log Rules:

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WotO XiX

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XIX

Dear readers, thank you so much for reading this LONG series covering my current Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. With this post I’ll share the last bit of prep I did for the campaign before it started, a little piece of fiction meant as a prelude to our first session. To get all the references you should check out Part XV of the series, where I introduced the ship’s NPCs, and Part XIII and XIV since this prelude closes that loop and brings the action to the players.

We may come to the end of the prep materials, but the series is not done yet. Next week I’ll share with you some forms and sheets I use or adapted for the campaign, and I asked my players if they would be OK with me sharing the character intros they wrote. I have some awesome players and they all went out of their way to write introductions to for their characters. If they say yes that will be the post in two weeks.

And even then, Sci-Fi Fridays! won’t go away. I plan to keep the weekly column alive and tackle some other sci-fi rpg topics. So if you have any suggestions, make sure you send them my way!


Adventure 1 – The Yahza Affair

Session 1.1 – A new passenger

Exeter 01


The voice over the ship’s comm system was cool and collected.

“Exeter, your transponder code has been corroborated, you are clear for docking. Proceed to Berth 9.”

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