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Running Games in the Perry Rhodan universe? Possible or not?

Perry Rhodan Perry Rhodan is definitely my favorite SF series. Even though it’s pretty unknown in the US it is the world’s largest SF series. It has been started in the 1960s by two German authors in the form of dime novels which were (and still are) published weekly. Today a whole team of authors works on the series. This Friday Perry Rhodan #2664 will be released. The series spawned several spin-off series (like ATLAN, Perry Rhodan Action, Perry Rhodan NEO), one crappy movie, several computer games, board games and two roleplaying games. Alas both roleplaying games were not what most roleplaying Perry Rhodan fans have been hoping for.

The Perry Rhodan universe is huge, complex, but could also be a great place for roleplaying adventures. So it’s no surprise I tried to run a RPG campaign based on my favorite SF series for many years now. Alas this is much easier said than done. We already established that the two official Perry Rhodan RPGs (both are out-of-print now), are not really that great. So I am looking for other systems I could use. I have thought about using Open D6 or Savage Worlds, since I have experience with both systems and both systems are quite versatile. But they might not be versatile enough for the Perryverse.

One of the main issues the series always had was that during it earlier years each author tried to outmatch his colleagues with descriptions of exotic aliens, bigger spaceships, and more deadly weapons. Over the years several attempts have been made to “nerf” things, but a few extremes still exist.

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The End is Near – Adventure Background Part II

These are the characters I used for the CONcurrent Savage Worlds game The End is Near. I meant to post it BEFORE the games (yes games, I ran in online for CONcurrent and again during the latest Puerto Role Players Geeknic) but prep, work and other details kept me busy.  The following information I shared in Google+ with the online gamers and in RL with the players at the Geeknic. But I promised them so here they are. I posted the background previously, but just to recap:

These characters are part of a secret project by the Church of the Savior, a last ditch desperate attempt to save mankind from extinction caused by the Great Plague that has decimated humanity across the galaxy. Based on plans found on a xeno-archeological site, the project team constructed what they dubbed a Displacement Bomb meant to send arks filled with humans in suspended animation beyond the galaxy in hopes that humanity will survive there. Their destination, and in fact even if this mad gable will ultimately work, is unknown as the effect the machine will create is half understood.

Since contagion is so high and deadly all mission members wear containment suits that double as space suits at all times when working in the arks and the facilities on the planet where the device was constructed.  While candidates were being processed through the gateway station, the same protocol was enforced on the station, but once all the survivors were boarded this protocol has was not enforced. All members of the crew have been exposed to situations where the plague was present, at least one has developed symptoms and all were found to be either not-immune or in one case while immune, a potential carrier. Since the effect of the displacement wave is unknown and many scientists in the team estimate that it may start a chain reaction that could destroy the system’s star, a fast scout ships sits in the station hangar fueled and ready to carry out the crew away once the device enter its critical stage.

The containment/spacesuits have built in communicators with a 5 mile range, boosted by communication satellites to most of the facilities in the mission, their oxygen supply lasts 24 hours and includes a built in heads up display on the helmet, flashlight, micro boosters for zero-g movement and patches to seal any punctures. All mission members have been provided with side-arms and the tools they need to fulfill their duties. Most members have other personal belongings they carry with them. Two and four man high speed system shuttles abound and are available to the remaining crew members. With the gateway station mostly abandoned each remaining crew member has a comfortable cabin for his or herself.

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The End is Near – Adventure Background Part 1

As part of the upcoming CONcurrent I’m preparing to run a Savage Worlds sci-fi game. I wrote a little introduction for the game that I mean to share with players who have confirmed their participation in the activity. If you’ve read my posts I’ve been mulling a sci-fi game for a while, even went as far as posting a first draft of the introduction to that game (which, despite working on regularly in RL, I’m yet to update here in the blog). This fits with that introduction since in a way this is the end of that campaign. The final book end to the setting I introduced in that post. This in turn leads to a previous sci-fi campaign I played some years ago. Yes in a very meta way I’m connection my games, this has always been part of the conception of cohesive universe, and I hope my past players and future players are not too turned off by the revelation.

Be forewarned, this is NOT hard sci-fi and I realize I’m playing fast and loose with science with the hope of creating an interesting situation for the game. I don’t think it’s quiet space fantasy, more space pulp. I hope you like it. Without further ado, The End is Near…


Humanity expanded from its cradle in the Sol System and into the galaxy for over four hundred years. Humans fought and bled, carved a Union from the ashes of war and tore it down to create something better. Saviors for some, hated enemies to others, the other species of the galaxy learned that humans went where they wanted and took what they needed. They became the pre-eminent power in the galaxy with their innumerable population stretching across most habitable systems. Known for their pioneering spirit it is said that humanity was looking at the vast gulf between galaxies, longing to discover what awaited there, when their doom finally arrived…

The Great Plague struck fast and with terrifying consequences. At first spreading through contact it was soon reported airborne and almost all the infected suffered a horrible, but thankfully quick, death. The origin and cause of the plague remained a mystery, constantly mutating, no cure discovered. The Great Plague behaved like no human illness before it, spreading at first in densely populated systems, but soon carried all across the galaxy, by traders at first and by refugees fleeing the purges later. Systems were quarantined, populations with high infection rates decimated to avoid contagion, a thousand magical cures promised, all failed.

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