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Star Wars Infinities – The Gathering Storm (Part 5 of 8)


SW InfinitiesAnd we are past the halfway point! This is part 5 of Friday’s mini-series based on the Star Wars Infinities campaign I ran for my players back in 2007. Hard to believe this was the game we ran previous to D&D 4th edition. Click on this link for the previous post.

This is the second piece of fiction I wrote for the campaign, and part of the introduction to the campaign I handed out to the players some weeks before the game. I should point out that I had conducted a survey to know what elements of the Star Wars universe they were interested in and from there I created the alternate history and other elements of the game I’m sharing with you in theses posts. My intention with this piece, much more so than the previous one, was to introduce players and plotlines that could become part of gameplay eventually. In this specific instance it did not, based on what the players decided to do. The secrets hinted at in this little story would have been very important for the second part of the campaign. Alas, we never got around to it… Not yet at least!


“The Sar’Akar are under my protection. Abbaji Forces will defend Ossus at all costs. Tell your masters that a Kaleesh repays his debts of honor!”

Warlord Qymaen jai Sheelal, alias General Grievous, during the siege of Ossus Continue reading Star Wars Infinities – The Gathering Storm (Part 5 of 8)

Star Wars Infinities – The Gathering Storm (Part 4 of 8)


SW InfinitiesThis is part 4 of the mini-series of posts going live every Friday and based on the Star Wars Infinities campaign I ran for my players some years ago. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are accessible if you click on the links. What follows is a piece of fiction I wrote set in the alternate background to the galaxy covered in the last two posts. It tries to illustrate some of the happenings in the galaxy as the game began, and to cast familiar characters in a different light.

“No, he was not my father, we were actually not related. Reymus was a Prince from Alderaan, I’m from Corellia and Antilles is a pretty common surname there…  I did meet him briefly before the Battle of Yavin, before the Tantive IV was captured over Tatooine.  He told us how he was there at the beginning… No he did not join the crew of the Tantive IV until the Clone Wars had begun, but he was there before, when it really began, piloting a small 4 person transport on its way to a secret meeting in the Outer Rim.”

Wedge Antilles, Commander of the Rogue Squadron, talking about Reymus Antilles

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A Mass Effect Diaspora


Diaspora After a long hiatus I’ll finally be running a new roleplaying game campaign again. On the weekend I met with my group and made the proposal to play Diaspora, VSCA Publishing’s Hard-SF Fate-based game. My players have never played Fate before, but after me explaining the basics of the game they were interested to try it out. Alas they were not so fond of the Hard-SF nature of Diaspora.

The other aspect of Diaspora they were alas not excited about Diaspora’s cluster creation. When I first told them that I was thinking about running a SF game they were – unbeknownst to me – hoping for an exploration based game. While I don’t necessarily see a problem here, they felt that creating a cluster beforehand would make exploration harder, since they already feel they know what’s behind the next corner.

The lack of real character advancement in Diaspora was something they were not too fond of either, but this is something I can easily houserule. As far as I remember do other Fate variants like SBA or FreeFate provide some character advancement rules that I might be able to adapt to Diaspora. Personally I think that character advancement is not that important, but I can still understand where they are coming from.

Mass Effect 2 We discussed our options for a while and finally settled on using Reaganstorme’s excellent Mass Effect hack for Diaspora. They are all fond of the setting and the Mass Effect universe should offer enough space for exploration. But I’ve learned from the mistakes I made the last time I ran a Mass Effect game. Mass Effect works best if you focus on aspects of the setting that have already been explored by the computer games. If you stray too far from that, you might get into areas that have not been fully fleshed out yet. In our case this lead to quite a few unanswered questions and a game that felt a bit too generic. This time I’ll make sure that places, organisations and characters from the computer game series will play a major role in the campaign. The players are interested in Mass Effect, so they are getting exactly that.

In order to make the Mass Effect universe a bit more suitable for the kind of game I have in mind, I’ll mess with the story line a bit. At the end of Mass Effect 2 Shepard destroys the Collector Base and the human Reaper. This causes the Reapers in dark space to awaken and they start descending upon the galaxy. In my variant of the Mass Effect universe the Reapers will either be asleep for a couple more years or it will take longer for them to reach our galaxy. Heck, I might even decide that they’ll never return. I want to focus on our stories without having to worry about a Reaper invasion in the near future.

We’ll probably meet again in about three weeks so I’ll have more than enough time to read through all the rules for another time, plan a first adventure and create a couple of locations and characters. I might actually use the cluster creation rules to create the sectors of space the player characters will be exploring.

Have you ever thought about running a game in the Mass Effect universe? Or do you have experiences with Diaspora? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.