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Star Wars Infinities – The Gathering Storm (Part 2 of 8)

SW InfinitiesHello there and welcome back! This is the second installment of the weekly mini-series of posts about an Infinities-type Star Wars campaign I created for my gaming group. Like I explained on the previous post it’s a trip down memory lane I’m sharing with you, our dear reader, because of all the Star Wars related news recently in the media. This time around it’s part 1 of the alternate history for the campaign. I kept some details of the Star Wars universe, changed others and made my own little mix. It’s my attempt to frame the galaxy into a place that would, first offer a place where the player’s adventures may take place, and secondly, be a galaxy that may become as we see in episodes 4, 5 and 6.

I would like to reiterate, it is MY take on the Star Wars milieu, you may agree or disagree with my interpretation of things like the Jedi, or the Force. It was crafted with the input of my players (who filled my much beloved questionnaires and commented on the text before it was finalized) so it worked for us. I hope it might be of interest to some of you. Let me know what you like, or did not like, in the comments. Looking forward to those!

Before I forget, let me acknowledge my main source of information and research, and a tool I used constantly when I ran this game, Wookipeedia. It is such a singular source of information, I could not have run the game without it.

Now to get to what you came here for…

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NaGa DeMon: The Slipstream Drive

A couple of days ago I wrote down a few notes on how FTL travel and communication is supposed to work in my Galaxy Rising game. I haven’t decided yet, how fast you can travel using a Slipstream drive nor have I set a limit for FTL communication. I’ll set those limits when the setting has progressed a bit further. In the short fiction piece I released a science vessel made a trip to the Orion nebula, which is about 1,344 light years away. This might be around the upper range limit of what League drive technology is capable of.

The Slipstream Drive
Image: Les Bossinas, created for NASAThe slipstream drive invented in the late 24th century finally allowed fast interplanetary and interstellar travel. The drive creates a slipspace tunnel through which the vessel can travel at faster than light speeds without breaking special relativity. Another use of the slipstream drive technology are the so called slipgates which create semi-permanent slipspace tunnels through which ships without their own FTL drive can travel. The League has established an extensive slipgate network in their area of influence. While in slipspace a vessel does not interact with matter in normal space.

Slipspace Communication
The physical properties of slipspace also allows electromagnetic waves to propagate much faster than in normal space, allowing almost instantaneous communication over vast distances. State-of-the-art slipstream drives can also generate several slipspace tunnels with tiny diameters in order to allow laser or radio communication over several light years. Alas it’s impossible to open communication tunnels while the ship travels in slipspace, so starships have to make regular stops in order to communicate. The League has constructed a network of relay satellites which which is known as LeagueNet.

Would such a drive system be possible from what we know today? I highly doubt it. But it works in the realm of fiction and has a couple of limitations that can be used by to help the plot of your game. FTL travel is not unlimited in range and it still takes a while to travel from A to B. Communication is faster but probably more limited in range. Which means starships are pretty much on their own when far enough away from League space. And this alone always helps to create great adventure opportunities. “You’re on your own. What do you do?”

NaGa DeMon: The League

Today I want to share my notes about the League with you.

The League

Gliese 581g (Image: Lynette Cook)The League of Free Worlds was formed shortly after discovery of the Slipstream drive and the first contact with an alien species. The first contact showed that it was necessary that mankind spoke with one voice at least in matters of interspecies relations and space exploration. In 2397 the League was formed by the major space-faring nations on Earth, the Mars colony, the Icarus space colony which is situated near the Jupiter trojans, and the newly-established colony on Gliese 581g. Each member elects a number of representative which form the League’s Council. The Council then elects the Speaker from among its ranks who acts as diplomatic representative of the League. The League gets funded by its member states and uses these funds to fund colony projects, the League Defense Force and the Institute of Space Sciences which is responsible for space exploration and developing new technologies. The League Defense Force defends the League against attacks from outside threats and also helps to maintain order in League space. The LDF has no jurisdiction on Earth or within the space claimed by one of the member states.

Any thoughts? As always any advice is highly appreciated!