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#RPGaDay2017 Day 17: Oldie and unknown


Welcome back reader. I hope everyone is enjoying my August return. Just like that mythic weather predicting groundhog I may go into my hole soon, so enjoy me while you have me!

Just kidding. Let’s get back to the business of #RPGaDay2017:

August 17: Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played?

If you read my Day 1 post, and the myriad other post on which I’ve mentioned the game, you may think the answer to today’s questions is Fading Suns. But it’s not.

I own a lot of games. With the advent of digital publishing that number has grown even more. In recent years, I sometimes buy games to read them, either to learn more about the mechanics, or the setting, without necessarily playing them. They can be inspiration, research, or simply entertainment. That didn’t use to be the case in High School and College. When I got a game, I meant to play it.

That doesn’t mean I played them a lot. Those were the times when the new shinny really distracted me. I wanted to play the brand-new game. We rolled up a character played one or two sessions, and then we moved on. There are many games I love that I want to play, but often we made a character or played a session of them at one time or another.

If this list was games you own and have not played it would be huge!  But the game I’ve owned the longest and not played is a very specific one. Some background… Continue reading #RPGaDay2017 Day 17: Oldie and unknown

#RPGaDay2017 Day 16: Game is as is. No returns!


Hello everyone to the hump post! Week three of #RPGaDay2017 continues apace. Today is the flipside of yesterday’s, and it is:

August 16: Which RPG do you enjoy using as is?

Dungeons & Dragons, it’s D&D… You may be saying, “But wait Roberto! You said yesterday that you modified the game.” And I did, but when you take into account how much I’ve played the game (come back for Day 18 to know just HOW much!), I’ve barely scratched the surface of modifying it. I typically run the game as is.

Of course, that was easier in the days of TSR. Once the OGL came about there is so much third-party content out there that you have a great menu to pick from when putting together your game. That’s the wonder of the Open Gaming License, it’s given us so many wonderful games to play. I may play it as is, but there is so much of it out there!

A simple reminder. The team at Desde la Fosa  is posting video replies in Spanish on our YouTube channel to the questions of #RPGaDay2017. We are grateful for your views, comments, and shares

So, what’s your as is game? Looking forward to your comments.

#RPGaDay2017 Day 13: Change is the one constant


Hello readers! Thanks for dropping by on Sunday for the next question on #RPGaDay2017. Today it’s all about change, specifically a game experience that changed how I play. The question read as follows:

August 13: Describe a game experience that changed how you play.

Let me think… In the past, I’ve touched upon similar subjects. For RPG a Day 2016, Day 11 I wrote about a player that challenged my expectation of solving everything through combat when I started playing D&D. I’ve told the story of how I became a killer GM, and as recent as this month on Day 7 I reposted about an incident that also affected how I play.  Thinking of another experience that changed how I play sent me on a trip down memory lane… All the way back to the summer of 1988 and the Hammer of Thunderbolts incident. Continue reading #RPGaDay2017 Day 13: Change is the one constant