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Fria Ligan Interview with Tomas Härenstam


Fria Ligan (or Free League Publishing) has quickly become one of my favorite game publishers/design teams. But even though I totally love what they are doing I actually don’t know that much about them, their current and future projects. So I thought it would be cool to do an interview with them. Luckily Tomas Härenstam agreed and without further ado, let’s delve right in.

Stargazer: Thanks again for taking your time to answer some questions. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you and what is your position within Fria Ligan (aka Free League)? Can you tell us about how you got introduced to roleplaying games in general and how you came to be working in the RPG industry yourself?

Tomas: Hi and thank you for having me! I’m one of the four founders of Free League Publishing, and these days I tend to manage most of our projects. I’ve been a roleplayer since the mid-80’s, and been writing my own RPGs for almost as long. In the mid-2000s, I self-published an alternate ruleset for the then existing edition of Mutant, and that led to the publisher Järnringen asking me to write the rules for their upcoming title. Later during that project, Järnringen went out of business and they asked me if me if I would like to take it over. That led to me and another couple of hobby writers founding Free League Publishing as a company. The rest is, as they say, history. 🙂 Continue reading Fria Ligan Interview with Tomas Härenstam

Kickstarter: Forbidden Lands


I am taking a short break from my vacation to talk about something I am very excited about. Fria Ligan, creators of games like Mutant: Year Zero, Tales From The Loop, and Coriolis are creating a new fantasy RPG. They are currently raising money for this project on Kickstarter and at the time of this writing they have far surpassed their initial goal of 100.000 SEK (which are about 10495€ or 12453$).


From what I’ve gathered Forbidden Lands will take what made Mutant: Year Zero that great and adapt it to a fantasy setting. The game will the simple ruleset used in Fria Ligan’s other games and the focus of the campaign will be on the player characters making their own mark on the land. Like in Mutant the characters will explore the lands hex by hex, overcome dangerous enemies, and stumble upon more elaborate adventure sites. It’s basically a ready-made sandbox campaign. Over the course of the campaign the characters may eventually be able to create their own stronghold.

The Kickstarter still runs until October 12th and Fria Ligan has a very positive track record when it comes to Kickstarters. If you’re interested on their approach to fantasy sandbox gaming you owe it to yourself to give this KS project a look.

#RPGaDay2017 Day 29: Let’s kick(starter) things off!


Day 29 of #RPGaDay2017. T-Minus 3 days until another one of these is over…

Despite it being a hectic month workwise, I’ve managed to post every day (so far, hoping not to jinx it so close to the finish line!) and collaborate with the team at Desde la Fosa to post videos in Spanish every day. So happy about this. I hope I can keep collaborating here, as well as there, plus add some more videos in English to my YouTube channel.  Thank you all for visiting the blog and reading what we share with you.

Now, on to the topic for today:

August 29: What was the best-run RPG crowdfunding campaign you have backed? Continue reading #RPGaDay2017 Day 29: Let’s kick(starter) things off!