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Two Worlds RPG for free


Two Worlds RPGTwo Worlds is an action RPG for PC and Xbox 360. In 2007 RPGObjects created a pen&paper roleplaying game based on that game that was included in the Collector’s Edition of the game. They are now releasing this game for free at their site. You have to register an account there to download your copy of the 74-page PDF.

The PDF itself is looking pretty nice and obviously uses artwork from the game but the layout is really not my cup of tea: a one-column layout and a font size that even my grandma could read with her glasses off. And the font used (reminds me of the font used in Blizzard’s Diablo) probably causes eye cancer. Aside from that, the Two Worlds RPG could be an interesting entry into the pen & paper roleplaying hobby for fans of the video game.

The game uses Fantasy20, a variant of the d20 System which was probably the most logical choice for such a project.

Please note: There is also a version of that book optimized for print but I couldn’t download it. It is possible that this version uses a more readable font and better layout (but I doubt it). If you have more luck downloading the print version, please let me know.

Dave, you’ll be missed!


David L. ArnesonI have to admit I have been struggling with this post for quite some time now. Sometimes it is hard to find the right words. Especially when you don’t want it to sound silly.

I am pretty sure that you’ll probably already have heard that shortly after 11pm on April 7th, Dave Arneson passed away. Dave Arneson was one of the pioneers of our hobby, the co-creator of D&D. And he’ll be dearly missed, by his family, his friends and millions of gamers who enjoy the games he helped to create.

Good bye, Professor Arneson, you’ll be missed!