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What about Monsters of Sin 4: Lust? A review…

I recently reviewed the first three installments of the Monster of Sin series from Kobold Press, formerly Open Design Games. (I like the change; the friends at Open Design are so tied to their flagship Kobold Quarterly product and their mascot that it makes sense to be called Kobold Press, I for one like the change! But I digress…) This time around we get to my favorite Deadly Sin, Lust.

A long time ago I took some online survey that informed me that (if I believed in such things) I would spend eternity in the second circle of Dante’s Inferno. As much as I enjoyed Dante’s poem, I must admit that sexuality in games is a topic I have always been fascinated about. It is such an integral part of who we are as human beings that just ignoring it in games seems anathema. Of course I realize that may not be the case for everybody that people game for different reasons, and that’s fine.

The author realizes this as well and includes a sidebar on the matter. He discusses the fact that sex is a theme that will be discussed in the book, reminding GMs to be mindful of player’s sensibilities and that having fun is more important that using every detail in the book, kudos for that. I like that they did not shy away from the topic but made sure to accommodate all styles. In all sincerity I did not find anything terribly taboo or controversial in the book.

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What about Monsters of Sin: Avarice, Envy & Gluttony? A review…

The Seven Deadly Sins have a strange allure in modern society.  They figure prominently not just in the religious tradition from whence they came but in popular culture. From comics, where they are enemies of Captain Marvel (the DC Comics version, currently called Shazam, not the Marvel Comics character) known as the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man; to movies, one of my favorite films, Seven, dealing with a madman’s killing spree inspired by the seven deadly sins. Role Playing Games are no immune to this allure, and Open Design has come out with a series to quench our hunger for sin related gaming supplements, the Monsters of Sin Series.

What are they about? Read on and find out…

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Summer Sale at the Kobold Store

Jiro is ecstatic! It’s seems these are dire times for my wallet, because everyone is having those sweet sales right now and I am very tempted to buy more roleplaying game stuff!

Yesterday I already mentioned DriveThruRPG’s Christmas in July Sale and today I learned about Open Design’s Summer Sale. To celebrate the ENnies nominations of four of their products you can now get a $5 discount off each of these products:

  • Best Adventure: Streets of Zobeck, lead designer Ben McFarland with Mike Franke, Richard Pett, Christina Stiles, and Matthew Stinson (Open Design’s first print adventure nomination)
  • Best Interior Art: Book of Drakes, artist Hugo Solis (Open Design’s first art nomination)
  • Best RPG Related Book: Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design, Wolfgang Baur, Keith Baker, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Rob Heinsoo, Nicolas Logue, Colin McComb, Michael A. Stackpole, and Willie Walsh
  • Best Writing: Your Whispering Homunculus, Richard Pett with Greg Vaughan and Michael Kortes

The discount applies to both the PDF and the print+PDF releases. To get the discount you have to use the coupon code JULY2012 when you check out at the Kobold Quarterly store!