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Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There is a Season


Recent events have me thinking about time; time keeping in games, the effects on pacing and the meaning for players. As I turn a year older soon and I prepare to return to my long running fantasy campaign I’ve been revising the campaign calendar and thinking about how to make the passage of time relevant to players.

Just to provide some context let me share how I’ve dealt with this in the past. When I began playing RPGs there was very little consideration for time, beyond knowing what season it was, and sometimes not even that. Traveling to the dungeon took X amount of days, a sea travels so many weeks, so on and so forth. If players asked about days of the week I believe I simply used real world days for ease of reference.

Soon after I began developing my home brewed campaign, I began to thinker with calendars. This was back before I had a computer, so I did most of my planning by hand, I might have been inspired by an article in Dragon Magazine, no idea which issue, dealing with just this subject. Eventually I began to use spread sheets and a calendar creation tool in the Irony Games website (apparently now defunct!) to create a calendar for my game.

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What about the Pathfinder Role Playing Game Character Change Log? A review…


I’ve been away from reviews far too long. Let’s get back to it!

When I first received a review copy of this supplement I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I had not yet downloaded the file but from the description I wondered if this could be something I would find useful. Let me backtrack a little bit and tell you how I received the copy of the Character Change Log.

My good friend Daniel Perez, aka Highmoon, sent me a message inquiring if I would be interested in reviewing the Change Log, an Asparagus Jumpsuit (love the name BTW) production by Berin Kinsman, and Katie Kinsman. (Who by the way happens to be a great guy and they make a wonderful couple, but I digress…) Daniel knows I’m a Pathfinder fan and I was surely interested. However, as I said in a previous post, my life has been VERY chaotic recently, so I told him it may take a while before I got to review the product.

While all this happened I began to plan for the imminent return of my Pathfinder RPG swashbuckling campaign. Since we took an 18+ month break I’ve decided to allow the players to rework their characters. Not to completely rebuild them, but to reselect feats, maybe change some levels of a certain prestige class, use archetypes or other rules that we didn’t use the first time around, as long as they remain faithful to the character and his or her story. When I began to consider this I said to myself “If I only had a record of how the characters leveled up to make this easier”. Continue reading What about the Pathfinder Role Playing Game Character Change Log? A review…

The Sunglar Report


Who is that Sunglar listed under authors in the right side column of the blog? When was the last time this purported Puerto Rican blogger wrote anything here?

Hello friends! For those three of you that missed me, like hard to get rid of poltergeist, I AM BACK… Last time I posted here in Stargazer’s World it was April 10th and I was planning my Savage Worlds zombie game. What happened to me since then and what have I been up to?

Well, glad you asked! I was recruited by an international secret cabal that covertly protects the world from the threats that would bring an end to civilization as we know it. Ok, no, not really. It’s been nothing that fancy. Mostly real life, work and classes…

I don’t recall if I mentioned it before, maybe Michael mentioned it on one of his posts, but I’ve gone back to college. I’ve decided to get a Master’s Degree in Education with a Specialty in Curriculum. I have a background in education, and have worked in the field for fourteen going on fifteen years. But my previous studies have been in communications and English Literature (not that you’d know by the way I write!) and I’ve finally decided to get a Master’s related to what I do on a daily basis. I am having a blast, but since it’s an accelerated program I’m taking classes in 5 week cycles, doing a lot of work at night, which eats up my blogging time. Add to that, that things at my new job (which I began a little over six months ago) are taking off and some projects are proceeding apace, so I have been busy.

That doesn’t mean I have stopped gaming, just haven’t had that much time to write about it. I’ll try to fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

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