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Sci-Fi Fridays! Part 17, Interlude… An Interview with Ryan Wolfe


We interrupt our regular feature for this special interview! Last week I posted part 1 of the Journeyman’s Gazette, and next week we’ll return to the Outlands and part 2. However, on parts 15 of this series I sang the praises of the Future Armada Series, and specifically the Exeter which is the one we’ll be using during the game as the character’s ship.

The creator of the Future Armada and Armada Codex series, Ryan Wolfe, was kind enough to grant me an interview about the series. I would like to use this week’s post to share the answers with you. I hope you find the information interesting and useful. Check out his products, they are excellent for any sci-fi campaign (and he’s got some fantasy maps too).

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And interview with Ryan Wolfe of 0 hr – art & technology

Sunglar: Ryan Wolfe, I know you as the maker of those wonderful sci-fi maps, but who exactly is Ryan Wolfe? How did you get into gaming?

Ryan: I’ve been a gamer since being introduced to D&D around 1980. I’ve gone through RPG, video, and board game phases but have always loved sci-fi and star ships in particular. I saw Star Wars when it was first in the theaters when I was ten and that’s what started it all for me. I was also into computers and, after getting some degrees in that, ended up programming video games in Austin and Seattle. This is where I picked up my rudimentary skills in Photoshop and 3D Studio – the art guys were kind enough to show me around the basics and let me experiment on my own.

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XVI


And we are very close to the end… I’ve created a LOT of material for my campaign, but most of what’s ready and I’m sharing with my players has already been posted in the Blog. I’ve got these Journeyman’s Gazette posts, which are intended as a publication in the campaign, a sort of newsletter for people looking for work in the milieu of the Outlands. Part 1 includes the general news and job postings, Part 2 next week will be a guide to the space quadrant the players will begin the game in.

After that all I have are some handouts I created, which I thought might be of interest to you and plan on sharing in PDF form. After that the posts about the posts about the Wanderers of the Outlands will be finished. I’ve got two questions I’d like to ask you dear reader, one I’ve asked before and another one about the future of Sci-Fi Fridays!

  1. Would you be interested in seeing all the campaign information compiled into a single PDF document?
  2. Would you be interested in me continuing the Sci-Fi Fridays! series and discussing other topics about science fiction related to gaming?

Well, that’s all for now, see you all next week.

The Journeyman’s Gazette, Part 1

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Gazette Hardcopy

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XV


Week 15… I’ve written a lot for my sci-fi Savage Worlds campaign, as these Sci-Fi Fridays! post prove. This time around the information is immediately relevant to the players. This is the rest crew of the ship they’ll be traveling on. I wanted to have a ship as a base of operations because it serves three purposes, first it facilitates travel to different worlds, something I think will benefit this campaign; second it is safe place where the characters can rest between adventures, but it has all sorts of adventure opportunities, like providing upkeep, getting supplies, etc. And lastly, it unifies the players; it is a reason for them to be together if they are the crew of a ship. On the flipside I did not want a single player to be the owner, or even to burden them with a debt of starship proportions. The solution was, they are the crew of the ship, and they have a salary and get a percentage of the earnings. With the exception of one character, who’ll be a passenger, all others are part of the crew of the Exeter.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, the ship we’ll be using is from a Future Armada product by 0ht: art and technology. They produce the excellent Future Armada and Armada Codex series. They give you a ship’s layout as well as a description of the ship and crew. Future Armada has d20 based statistics, but they are so simple that converting them to other systems (as I did for Savage Worlds) is really easy. Armada Codex has generic rules for the ships. They also include high quality maps that allow you to use the ships with miniatures.

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