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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part VIII

Two months! My last weekly series of posts was the background to my old Infinities style Star Wars campaign, and that lasted 9 weeks. Here we are, at the eight in the series of my new sci-fi campaign, and I can tell you, it will be longer than nine weeks.

We continue with the fluff for the campaign, this time around three general topics, galactic mapping, banking and in-system communications. Mind you, I am not a scientist, so while I may use some jargon, I’m mainly using these terms for entertainment in a game, excuse me if there is some questionable use of scientific terms here.

If you want to check out the previous post, here is a link to Part VII. I hope you are enjoying the series. As always your comments and sugggestions are welcome, feel free to leve them in the comment section belowl.

VI.  Galactic mapping

The known galaxy, most of it currently under the control of the Union, was explored and colonized over two centuries in a piecemeal fashion. While attempts at creating a grand unified map of the galaxy existed since humanity first took to the stars, this endeavor proved difficult. With varied groups with wildly different interest exploring space, some actively trying to keep their enemies or competitors from following the routes they had mapped in t-space and, there is not one single unifying map of the explored galaxy.

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part VII

Last week was very quiet… Maybe you guys liked it, or hated it, or simply it was too long for you to read! Well with the rules out of the way, back to the “fluff”

Just in case this is the first one in the series you are reading, these posts are all about my soon to begin (in about 8 sessions) Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. These are the link for the previous entries in the series: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV,  Part V and Part VI.

I’m starting to delve into other aspects of the campaign. This time around it’s something that sometimes gets glossed over in some games but that seems important in a sci-fi game, news and entertainment. Let’s get into it…

V. News and Entertainment in the Union

Artistic expression and entertainment in the Union is as varied as the humans that populate it. The lack of FTL communications means there is a preponderance of local productions, from music, to literature, to vids. Most is delivered via local grids, but some is distributed in smart print, info tabs or traditional media. There are local celebrities, renowned artist and respected reporters in most sectors and quadrants. Beyond a quadrant, the time it takes for news and entertainment to be transported means they are not as fresh or relevant in other markets.

There are superstars with fan bases and appeal across the Union, and the EIN Triumvirate is famous for its artists, musicians and productions. The Rukta Workers Consortium has many well-known and influential authors and the major new service in the known galaxy FNS, the Freeholds News Service, still has its headquarters in Turneria in the Freeholds of Alpha Centauri.

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part VI

Thanks for coming back dear reader. Here is part 6 of the continuing series where I share can’t the background and rules for my upcoming Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. This one is a long post, the house rules for the campaign. I use many sources, mainly the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition, the new Science Fiction Compendium, some ideas from Daring Tales of the Space Lanes and from Agents of Oblivion. Also I have to give credit to the wonderful supplement Savage Space, created by the wonderful Chaotic GM. There is a LOT in here taken directly from his work. He’s given me permission to reproduce it here. Thank you for your kindness.

These are the link for the previous entries in the series if you came on-board late: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V. Continue reading Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part VI