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Desde la Fosa! A new project for Sunglar


Hello dear reader… Fret not about the title, I’m not quitting this blog (even if by my infrequent posting some of you suspected I already did), Michael is not getting rid of me that easy!

However, and despite all RL complications and responsibilities, I’m part of a new project I want to share with all of you. Desde la Fosa a vlog about RPG games in Spanish! It translates as From the Pit, and let me give you some background on it.

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RPG a Day 2016: The Multimedia RPG Revolution- Day 18


This is more like it, a topic that gets my creative juices flowing! The question for today as part of the #RPGaDay 2016 challenge coincidentally plays off a conversation I was having online a few days ago with a friend. The question reads thusly:

August 18: What innovation could RPG groups gain the most benefit from?

The explanation on the site goes into greater detail: “Whether it is technological, related to game mechanics, or to social dynamics, what could best help improve the play experience?” I think a benefit for the games we play and how we learn them would be embracing the multimedia experience and tools available to us. Let me explain what I mean. Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: The Multimedia RPG Revolution- Day 18

RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 13


Lucky number 13, this time around the topic is podcasts, let’s get to it…

Day 13 – Favorite RPG podcast

HeadphonesOnce upon a time I rarely listened to podcasts, I was aware of them, but I just didn’t  get into them until about five years ago, pretty much at the same time I started blogging. The first podcast I listened to was Fear the Boot. I still enjoy the and if you count by the seeh number of episodes I’ve listened to, this is hands down the winner.

A close second, almost a tie really, is RPG Circus, I enjoy their style and their coverage of news and topics. I’ve recently discovered and began listening to Gamer’s Tavern as well.

One final plug before I end this very short post today, I also listen to a video games and general media podcast in Spanish, one of the moderators is my dear friend Sara Ivette, so if you want to listen to Puerto Rican video gamers talk about the games they are playing and more, check out the PR Gamer podcast

I’m always in the lookout for new podcasts to listen to on long drives, so please recommend the ones you like and tell me why! Have a good one everybody…