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WotO Part XIII

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XIII

Lucky number 13! You’ll find no triskaidekaphobia here… I’m thrilled to keep on sharing the background to my Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign with our readers. This week it’s the first part of a piece of fiction I wrote to introduce the players to NPCs and places they will meet and visit over the first few sessions of play. I hope you like it and come back for the second part next week. As always, feedback, criticism or any other comments are welcome. Enjoy!

“The Sarkov Star System began as a ‘leper’ colony, places were the unwanted or undesirables were left to survive as they may. The corps eventually turned it into a medical research facility in the fringes of known space, a place where the most extreme experiments were carried out. Liberated after the Great War it became a renowned medical facility and research site in the Outlands, from cybernetics to pharmaceutical manufacturing for the protectorate.”

Tihomir Yazici, Journeyman’s Gazette Outlands Correspondent

Stories of the Outlands Part I

The Crime Scene

Marshall Petrik looked around the blast site. The air still stank of fire and she could taste the ashes. She squatted, her helmet under one arm, and ran her finger through the residue, rubbing the tips of her gloved fingers together she felt the coarseness and when she placed them under her nose she could smell what was there, but also what wasn’t.

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WotO Part XI

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XI

Week 11, if you just joined us this is my weekly series detailing my new Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. This is the link to last week’s post.

This week we delve into the Timeline. I first wrote a general history, more a sweeping narration than a specific list of dates that you can find in this post. As I continued writing I felt the need to nail down some dates and actually give some context to what happened to get humanity here. I need to give thanks to my dear friends Michael, aka Stargazer, and Sara Ivette (who is a contributor at PR-Gamer), both gave me excellent feedback and all their suggestions were integrated into the timeline.

XIV.  A timeline of humanity’s conquest of the stars (Part 1)


Early 2087 ME (Modern Era) – The Big Crash, the collapse of the world economy and the end of Asia-Pacific economic supremacy

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The “Belated” German Free RPG Day–A Retrospective

Things have been a bit quieter than usual on Stargazer’s World lately. One reason for this is my involvement with a local con which was one of the events that celebrated the German Free RPG Day.

Two years ago a couple of German RPG enthusiasts thought that the time was right to organize a German Free RPG day similar to the Free RPG Day most of you already know and love. It was and still is an attempt to make our hobby more publicly known and help out local shops and gaming clubs. This year one of the regulars of our RPG pub meeting thought it would be great if we organized our own event. Alas the location where the event was meant to be held in was not free on March 15th, so we decided to reschedule to the 22nd.

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