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RPG a Day 2016: Welcome to the world of tables and footnotes! – Day 20

I’ll tell you a little secret; some Saturday posts get written on Friday so the blogger has less to do on the weekend. Sorry for breaking the magic and showing you the cogs behind the curtain, the inner workings on this complex machine! That’s rather on topic today for we’re discussing challenging games. The topic for today’s #RPGaDay 20016 post is:

August 20: What is the most challenging but rewarding system have you learned?

And the accompanying clarification to this topic is: “What game did you struggle the hardest to learn, but were most glad that you did?”

This may seem like a silly answer, but I admit it, when I first read the book I wondered if I would ever understand this game, if all the verbiage, all the rules, would make sense to me? What did all this discussion about bell curves and standard deviation has to do with the game! Let me tell you about learning to play AD&D 1st edition. Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: Welcome to the world of tables and footnotes! — Day 20

RPG a Day 2016: “Shall play a game?”- Day 19

Friday at last! What a week… If you’ve been following my #RPGaDay 2016 posts you’ll notice my posting times have been all over the day this week. Work and family matters have kept me occupied, but I refuse to give up on the challenge. Let’s talk about learning.

August 19: What is the best way to learn a new game?

This subject is of great interest to me. As an educator, how humans learn, and how to facilitate these processes, is something I’m endlessly curious about. Since may of use began playing RPGs as teenagers, or even younger, it is very interesting to see how these games might have played a part in our cognitive development. For years I’ve also worked in adult education in one capacity or another and knowing adults who learn to role-play later in life is such a the contrast of how we learned as kids. Don’t worry, I’m not going full scholar for this post, it is Friday after all and you’re not here to read the abstract for my thesis. Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: “Shall play a game?”- Day 19

More Thoughts on Finding the “Perfect” RPG

At first I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post on this topic – either here or on Google+ and Facebook. Thank you guys! I have been thinking a lot about the various RPGs at my disposal and at the moment I am unhappy with most of them. Yeah, it’s one of these days again. Luckily there’s a silver lining at the horizon: I am determined to get back at designing a new game or at least hack an existing one into submission. Yeah!

The main question is what makes a game “perfect” for me. As with all important questions it’s not easily answered and I am not sure if I actually know. Using “perfect” is probably not a good idea. I guess we are rather looking for something with is ideal for me and my group. There just is no perfect. Ok, back to the subject at hand …

Continue reading More Thoughts on Finding the “Perfect” RPG