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Happy Birthday Stargazersworld!

Ok, it has been a couple of days since the blog’s actual birthday, but I just noticed this today. Wow, the blog is now officially 8 (in words: eight!) years old. That’s quite a long time. Just two years later I had my fifteen minutes of fame with the Warrior, Rogue & Mage RPG and my first trip to GenCon.

Much has changed in these years. Stargazer’s World turned from a one-man show to a multi-author blog than practically back to a one-man show again. Luckily my good friend Roberto has recently started to contribute again.

In my personal life I have finally moved together with my girlfriend and I escaped from a job which caused me into mental health issues. Unfortunately I am currently in a weird limbo, since my employer hasn’t assigned a new job to me yet. Yeah, it sucks.

But back to the blog. In these eight years, seventeen people have written about 1761 posts which have been commented on 7278 times. Over 3000 people have subscribed to the blog and we currently have about 2000 views a week. Which is not much compared to the number of views the blog had in its more glorious days.

Yes, I have to admit that the blog is struggling a bit at the moment. I have been dealing with severe mental health issues for years now and other members of the blog team have moved on. It seems the heyday for blogs is over. Or perhaps people are less interested in what I have to say nowadays. That said, I’ll keep on blogging. I am feeling way better now and I finally got back to running games regularly and I even started working on a new game. Stargazer Games is back in business!

Now it’s just two more years until the big 10. It would be awesome if I could keep the blog alive an kicking for that long. At the moment I am confident it can be done – with a little help of my readers that is. Zwinkerndes Smiley

Interview with Jeff Dee of Monkey House Games

Writing for this blog (and through it and our efforts with Puerto Rico Role Players) has allowed me to interact with the greater RPG community in ways I did not think possible. There have been many rewards, one of those is getting to talk with game creators I greatly admire, some of which I’ve been in awe since I began to play RPGs. Some time ago I interviewed one of my favorite writers Bruce Heard, and this time around it one of my favorite artist/writers Jeff Dee!

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Planet Stargazer

This might be news to some, but recently I started a second blog. This time it’s not about pen & paper roleplaying games but everything else I am interested in.

So expect posts about life, the universe & all the rest. Since I consider myself a very political person there will be post about politics. There will be posts about science, about all kinds of gadgets, computer games, etc.

By the way, the new blog goes by the name Planet Stargazer.  There is no regular posting schedule (very much like at Stargazer’s World at the moment), but you can expect at least a post every few weeks. Please give it a look and feel free to comment!