Describing the Indescribable

For many creative people, a blank space is an inspiration, a key to unlock ideas. These people can take an empty page or fresh canvas and fill it with wonders, unleashing their imaginations.

I am not one of these people. To me, a blank space is a challenge. I rely on seeds to kickstart me. (This is probably why I am a fan of what has been called “remix culture”, taking existing things and making new things out of them, often by combination with other existing things.) My creativity works more from adaptation to constraint than from limitless possibility. Continue reading Describing the Indescribable

What I am working on right now

I recently had a couple of long weekends that allowed me to work on several projects. One of these projects has been Jay Steven Anyong’s BADASS which we released some time ago. Now that the game is released I had some time to work on some other projects.

A Wanderer’s Romance
A Wanderer’s Romance is a wuxia-style game written by Chris McDowall of SoogaGames. A long time ago he already asked me to do the layout of one of his games but alas I always had to put this off. But last Thursday I sat down and finished the layout. Of course there are still a few errors to fix, but I hope we can release this game in the coming days/weeks. It’s quite different in style from BADASS but I am definitely as excited!

Cover Page 3 Page 10

Pavel Elagin allowed us to use his awesome artwork, which really helps to let “A Wanderer’s Romance” shine.

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What about Street of Zobeck and Alleys of Zobeck? A pair of reviews…

The folk at Open Design are kind enough to keep sending review copies of their excellent products, and I just cannot stop reading them. Are they trying to get me to read nothing but their stuff? Not that I am complaining. They produce some outstanding products for my fantasy game of choice (now let’s all say it together, the Pathfinder RPG) and I really enjoy their books. This time around I’m doing a pair of reviews of two related products.

They are part of the Midgard Campaign Setting, their campaign world (and current patronage product), and continue to flesh out what has proven to be a fascinating setting, full of interesting ideas, whether you want to run it as is or you want inspiration for your homebrewed campaign. I reviewed PDF copies of both books. Streets of Zobeck is a 94 page (90 pages of actual content) adventure anthology full of locations, NPCs and new rules of the gritty fantasy variety. I was impressed by the layout, art and tone; it all reeks of the seedier elements of fantasy. There are some adult topics here (prostitution for example), but nothing that seems gratuitous or uncalled for, it’s fitting, gritty and dark.

Want to learn more? Read on…

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