New Savage Worlds Test Drive… and more!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about just how excited I was about the new Savage Worlds Deluxe. When the book was available for pre-order I splurged and ordered the Print+PDF copy with the cards and arranged to pick it up at Gen Con. I downloaded the PFD and have been devouring it. I must say it is not a radical change, and I didn’t expect it to be. Is it perfect? No, but I think it’s an improvement. I really should write a proper review… But I digress.

I want to run a one-shot for my players, and maybe even dare run a game in Gen Con, so I was doing research online about resources available and was pleasantly surprised what I found this: The Wild Hunt

Michael mentioned it on his Free RPG Day post as Pinnacle’s freebie. I knew it was a sample adventure but I had totally missed it also included the latest Savage Worlds Test Drive. (Can you say clueless blogger?). The concept of the Test Drive was actually my first introduction to the Savage Worlds RPG. I was visiting Florida and while shopping at Sci-Fi City I was given one of the older versions of the Test Drive. It intrigued me and it led to my eventual acquisition of the game.

So This latest version of the Test Drive rules with an adventure, characters, standees, handouts, is a GREAT download if you want to learn more about the game, or to hand out to players who you think may be interested. I have been a fan of previous versions, this one is no different.

If you are undecided about the new Savage Worlds Deluxe rules Pinnacle has posted handouts on the Interludes and Chase rules that you can check out. Good times for Savage Worlds fans!

What about Might of the Magus? A review…

When I reviewed the Complete Advanced Feats, and I wished I could see an Advanced Feats type book on the Magus, I had no idea that the awesome kobold crew at Open Design were working on this book. Maybe they had announced it and I missed it, but I was really happy to see my wish become a reality. Sigfried Trent worked his magic once again and produced a great and concise overview of the new class presented in the Ultimate Magic book for the Pathfinder RPG (and like I mentioned in this post available in the Pathfinder Reference Document) with 30 new feats and three character builds. This book is excellent for the new player wishing to explore a class that combines magic and might, or even an experience player wishing to explore all the new options, with concise practical advice, neat options for the player who enjoys tinkering with builds, and the sample builds are great NPCs usable in any campaign. Actually a great way to introduce the Magus into a game!

If some of you are scratching your heads and saying, “Well this isn’t exactly a timely review!” You are right, the gracious folk at Open Design had provided a review copy on PDF of this book some weeks ago and I had been unable to review it. I apologize to them, real life has just not let up, and I hope that this is a better late than never situation and I can do my part to spread the word of this excellent supplement. How awesome is it? Read on to find out…

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Trust issues

Would you trust this GM? Over the years I have talked with a lot of roleplaying game players about rules-light games. The older I get the more I gravitate towards rules-light systems, because I feel they suit my style of playing and running games more than the more crunchy rulesets. One of the arguments I heard against these systems was that in rules-light systems a lot relies on GM fiat. When you have a game like D&D 4th Edition for example where almost every situation is covered by rules, GM fiat plays only a minor role. This is definitely an advantage when you deal with an inexperienced DM or if the players have some trust issues when it comes to the GM.

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