Why Fudge needs a new edition


Fudge logo I’m assuming you guys already know what Fudge is. If not I recommend you check out the official Fudge site or my previous Fudge posts. After that, please come back. You’re back? Great.

Fudge is a great roleplaying game toolbox. It provides you with rules that allow you to run games in every genre. The system is easily scalable from rules-light to rules-medium. Converting your favorite game to Fudge is pretty easy and there are endless options that allow you to create your favorite version of Fudge.

BUT all these options make Fudge not that newbie-friendly. If you are looking for a game you can pick up, read and play instantly, then Fudge is a wrong choice. The fact that the Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition is a 320-paged badly organized tome adds insult to injury. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fudge a lot, but it could be better. While the rules are pretty cool, the presentation looks reminiscent of RPGs from the 80s and 90s. A better organization and a better layout could work wonders. These changes could also help to interest more people in Fudge. When I told friends about Fudge they sounded interested in it at first, but when I showed them the tome-like and pretty uninspiring-looking rulebook the interest waned quickly.

I always find it amazing that Fate, a game based on Fudge, is widely popular, while Fudge is almost unknown. There are dozens of awesome Fate games out there, but I don’t know when I last saw a new Fudge game. What I would love to see is a new edition of Fudge that is a bit more streamlined, has a better layout and artwork, is better organized and is available in various ebook formats.

What do you think about my idea? Do you think Fudge still has a chance to get back into the limelight? And are my proposed changes enough or is more needed? Please post your thoughts below!

Freebies: The Microlite20 RPG Collection 2012


Microlite20 Logo Microlite20 is a rules-light version of the d20 System, that is quite popular among the authors of this blog. Recently someone pointed out the Microlite20 RPG Collection 2012 to me. It’s a compilation of almost every Microlite20-based game out there and contains over 1300 pages in two PDF documents with over 600 pages each!

The RetroRoleplaying blog has complied a list of all the included material, that I am posting here for your convenience:

Microlite20 House Rules, MicroFantasy, Alter Microlite20, Ultramicrolite20 Revised, Ultramicrolite20 Revised II, Nanolite20, Microlite20 Modern, M20 Modern: Expert, Microlite20 Modern-Day, M20 Hard Core Rules, Swords against Sorcery, M20 Heroic, Iron Heartbreakers, Microlite11, WildWalker’s M20 4e, Microlite20 Variant 4e, Microlite 4E, Micro Action Fantasy, MULRAH, Lite20, Mini20, Realms of Renown, Microlite74: Basic, Microlite74: Standard, Microlite74: Extended, Microlite74: Companion I, Microlite77, Microlite20 OSS, Advanced Microlite20 OSS, Argo, M20 Hyborian Age, Microlite Conan, Prehistoric Microlite20, Microlite20 Bronze Age, Microlite Dark Sun, Omerian Tales, Beacon, WarEngine RPG, Yamato M20, Challenges & Champions, Microlite20 Elf Lords, Microlite20 Resident Evil, Microlite20 Cthulthu, Microlite20 Vampires, Microlite20 2012, SpyLite, Giant Bug Invasion, Cyberpunk, SuperLite, Microlite20 Costumes, Tumbleweed, Gunsmoke & Goblins, Owl Hoot Trail, Microlite Storytelling, TileHack, Dragoons, ZombiePocalypse, Relics & Ruins, OmegaLite20, RABID, Microlite20 Vermin, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Galactic Methuselah, FrontierLite, M20 Star Wars, Microlite20 Star Wars, Scions of a Primordial Planet, Micro MechWarrior, Stargate 1895, Blaster D20 Microlite, Pendragon D20 Microlite, Diabolical D20 Microlite, PathfinderLite20, Microlite20 Golden Edition, DungeonFinder Player’s Guide, DungeonFinder GM’s Guide, DungeonFinder Book of Monsters, and Grimm Lite.

If you are into Microlite20 you should definitely download the collection. The download is of course free, but if you feel like it, RetroRoleplaying is asking for a donation to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund.

You can download the Microlite20 RPG Collection here:

You can never have too many maps! An interesting Kickstarter…


The emergence of patron backed publishing projects certainly caught me by surprise. By now I am familiar with Kickstarter and other similar endeavors and while I have promoted several I considered worthy and backed a select few, if you asked me about this possibility a few years ago I would say it would never work. Ten years ago I was not ready to embrace the new business reality brought about by the Internet, the shift from the importance of owning a physical object to having access to the content, the idea of people putting forth the money to finance a project they believe in before there is a physical object to purchase. I remain convinced that when future generations look back upon our age they will think of this time as we do of the industrial revolution. A time when the paradigm of business changed right in front of us, and some people didn’t realize it!

Now that I’ve rambled on and gotten this out of the way, let me share with you Kickstarter I just found about and is about to close. The Mass Transit IV Maps and More project is raising money for the production of the fourth Mass Transit map by Christopher West. I love using maps in my games, and be it Star Wars Sage Edition, Savage Worlds, or any other sci-fi game out there West’s maps are a beauty to see. Just click your way to his Maps of Mystery page and take a gander. I’ll wait…

See? I own one of his maps. It is top notch, very detailed, and while it does not come laminated it is easy enough to get it laminated at an office shop and voila! The Nova Eclipse looks gorgeous in the video and I would sure love for him to reach his goals for the extra rewards. There is not much time left, so if you love maps and play sci-fi, here is a nice project to back. I already pledged!

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