Caught unaware…

I am not a closet gamer! By that I mean I do not hide my love for role-playing games. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know I regularly post about RPGs and other assorted geek interests. I actively support my local gaming community as much as I can. Heck I blog about it!

People around me know about role-playing. Coworkers and acquaintances know that I play “the game” on Tuesdays and know about the “geek picnics” I get involved in periodically. I talk about RPGs to my non-gaming friends (which there are not many of since most of my friends actively game or have gamed with me at some point in their life) when they ask about it. I am not pushy and try not to force my hobby on the uninterested.

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Review: City Builder Generator Pack

City Builder Generator Pack I love random generators of all kinds. Especially when it comes to coming up with names for NPCs or creating all the small details needed to flesh out one of the less important places in one of my campaign worlds, I am glad that random generators for this kind of stuff exist. My favorite series of random generator packs is created by Hannah Lipsky of Chaotic Shiny Productions. In the past I’ve reviewed both the Kingdom Builder Generator Pack and its sequel. Today I want to have a look at the City Builder Generator Pack.

Call of Cthulhu Anniversary Edition

CoC-30th-Anniversary-231x300When Chaosium announced the 30th anniversary edition of Call of Cthulhu I wasn’t actually that thrilled. Sure it looked nice enough, but I already owned the German Edition of the book. But over the last months I picked up several CoC supplements from DriveThruRPG in English language and I found it quite awkward to have the core rules in a different  language than the supplements. Eventually I got the PDF version of the original corebook, but I still wanted a proper printed book as well.

So a couple of days I decided to get an English-language version of that fine game. And since the 30th anniversary edition was available at my favorite German online shop Sphärenmeisters Spiele I decided to order it after all. And I have to admit I don’t regret buying it.

It’s a very good looking, leather-bound book with 320 pages printed on very heavy paper. The interior looks almost exactly like the German edition from Pegasus Spiele (Pegasus Spiele was actually credited for this), which was always far superior to the Chaosium original.

Here are some photos I took with my webcam after unpacking the book yesterday:

Suspicious looking guy holding a leather-bound tome

Warning! Looking at these images too closely may cause 1D6 SAN loss!

If you plan to get a copy of Call of Cthulhu any time soon, I recommend either picking up the latest German edition by Pegasus Spiele (which actually comes in two books) or the 30th Anniversary Edition.

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