Starblazer Adventures: First session

Mass Effect On Saturday I finally ran my first Starblazer Adventures session. As I’ve detailed in a couple of posts here on the blog we used the Mass Effect universe as a background and the player characters where employees of the Exogeni Corporation.

The adventure started in Geneva. The player characters have been summoned to the local Exogeni representative who had a new job for them. Their mission was to take the scout ship Aurora, travel to the Mithril system and check out if the planets in the system are suitable for exploitation.

On the ship that has been parked on the Geneva space port, they met their crew consisting of a female human engineer, a Turian navigator and a human cook and cargo specialist that I called a “steward”. The flight was mostly uneventful until the ship suddenly received a distress call.

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Time to Speak Out with my Geek Out… Role-Playing Games in my case!

Well that should come as no surprise… Past post and the theme of the blog should be a dead giveaway. But this is supposed to be a post about why I love my geeky hobby and possibly an introduction to someone who wants to know what role-playing games are and may want to try their hand at it. So here is my post…

When I first read about the Speak Out with your Geek Out I was intrigued. As I wrote recently I am a big proponent of sharing my love of the role-playing hobby, showing other people how to play, and supporting gaming groups locally. For these reasons we have a local group called Puerto Rico Role Players and through posting in this blog I feel ever closer to the greater gaming community.

So to the question at hand, why do I love role-playing games?

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