Review: Dark Harvest – Legacy of Frankenstein

Dark Harvest cover In late May the postman brought me a mysterious package from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. When I opened it, I found a copy of Dark Harvest – Legacy of Frankenstein inside. There was no note included that told me why I got sent this book and I was wondering if I placed an order by mistake. In the end I decided to contact Cubicle 7 and get to the bottom of this. And it turned out that the book was actually intended as a review copy that has been sent on behalf of the game’s author Iain Lowson. At this point I wish to thank both Angus Abranson and Iain Lowson, but not only for the free copy of the book but also for their patience and the very nice email conversations we had over the last weeks. You guys rock!

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Preparing for Starblazer Adventures

My current gaming dry spell is about to end next Tuesday evening. A few RPG pub meeting regulars have asked me to run a game for them and I offered to run a SF game for them. Initially I planned to give Traveller a try but more recently I decided to run a FATE-based game.

So Starblazer Adventures it is! Over the last few days I have been leafing through the massive 629-paged book, rereading several rules, checking out the included settings for inspiration and thought about an introductory adventure. But then I realized that I was approaching this all wrong.

Before coming up with my own ideas about a setting, adventures etc. I should talk with my players about it. Starblazer Adventures has a chapter about Collaborative Campaign Creation that provides players and GMs with some simple tools to create whole campaign settings from scratch collaboratively. So what I will do is talk with my players about how FATE works first. Then I’ll ask them what kind of SF game they prefer. This directly leads us to the collaborative campaign creation.

When he have the campaign background more or less nailed down, we can start with character creation. The player characters’ Aspects will further help me to flesh out the campaign setting later and come up with the kind of adventures they really want to participate in.

Between our character/campaign creation session and the first real play session I plan to turn the basic campaign map created using the method described in the SBA rulebook into a pretty starmap using Cosmographer 3.

By the way, FATE will also be the big topic for our next RPG pub meeting. Hopefully I can share the love with my fellow German gamers!

Review: “Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire”

Do you remember the first time you saw “The Godfather”? I remember it pretty weCrime Pays Coverll. I think I was about seven or eight years old. The movie was too long and I was totally bored by most of it, but I was utterly terrified by the scene with the decapitated horses head. That was some scary sh*t. Fast forward ten years later and I enjoyed the movie a whole lot more; who doesn’t? IMDB lists the Godfather as the 2nd highest rated film of all time (right behind The Shawshank Redemption). So, who wouldn’t want to play an RPG where you get to play the role of a fantastic version of the Don?! That’s right. Nobody.

Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire, brought to you by Goodman Games, is exactly what every aspiring Godfather needs to run a mob. The book is designed to be used with 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons; it contains a lot of game system specific content, such as numerous stat blocks for made men and specific NPC’s. However, much of what is covered in the book could easily be applied to virtually any fantasy style game system; hell, a lot of it could be applied to virtually any system that you could come up with.

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