Interview with Jeremy Keller

Jeremy Keller Recently I have been posting a lot about Technoir, the upcoming cyberpunk RPG by Jeremy Keller. This game has impressed me tremendously and actually made me sign up for Kickstarter, so I could help Jeremy fund this project.

By the way, the Technoir Kickstarter project has almost reached it’s current $10,000 goal. Check out this page to find out what it’s all about! (Editor’s note: The $10,000 goal has been reached while this post was waiting to be published.)

A few days ago I asked Jeremy if he was willing to answer a few question for us and he agreed. So without further ado, enjoy the Q&A!

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Ready to become the BADASS you always dreamed to be?

BADASS coverStargazer Games and Jay Steven Anyong, the Philippine Gamer, are proud to announce the release of BADASS, the game that kicks logic in the face, twists its arm behind its back and makes it cry for its momma.

It makes me tremendously proud that Jay asked me not only to do the layout for his game but also wanted me to release it as a Stargazer Games product.

The 28-paged PDF is available for FREE from DriveThruRPG. So, what are you waiting for? Download the PDF and become the Badass you always wanted to be!

Crazy Campaign Chronicles: Childhood toys…

Introductory note: I wrote a previous post on this series about those crazy ideas one gets for campaigns and never gets to plays. This is a little different because I got to try to play with this idea but it never took off. I still have hopes for this idea. This is a little rantish, proceed at your own peril, you have been warned.

I had a lot of toys as a kid. I was never into toy cars, model kits or sports paraphernalia. I liked board games, later electronic games, but my favorites where action figures. Most people my age remember the Star Wars Action Figures, GI Joe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformer and the myriad other toys of that golden age of action figure and TV show synergy called the 80s. But I am old enough to remember some older toys, like the larger GI Joes and the Mego dolls (yes boys played with dolls!). In that transitional period from the larger doll type action toys and the supremacy of the smaller action figure there were one set of toys I was particularly fond of, the Fisher Price Adventure Series.

These were toys, according to the promotional sheet that is the first illustration on this post, designed for the growing child from three years of age into the early grades. They were play sets of real life professions, adventurers and other exciting activities. There was a safari set, ambulance, scuba divers and motorcyclists among others. Real life adventure heroes! Typically they had vehicles with two or more action figures with only 5 points of articulation. They were simple and fun and I spent hours playing with them, eventually amassing a large collection of Adventure Series figures and vehicles.

By now you may be thinking, what is this guy doing writing about toys in a role-playing blog? Well amazingly many of the games and storylines I played as a child have inspired me later in life either as themes for stories I have written, games plots or even entire campaigns. Others are still undeveloped waiting for the right time to become a campaign. This is the story of a weird little hybrid experience and how the toys of my youth inspired me. If you want the story of how I imagined this read on. If you just want to go to the details of the actual game scroll down the page, I’ll be sure to let you know when we are back on topic! (See this is almost like a “choose your own adventure” but only in post form).

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