RPG Blogging 101: Primer

writer For some time I have been pondering whether I should write a series of blog posts about my second favorite hobby: blogging about RPGs. I asked around on Twitter and the #stargazersworld IRC channel and I got quite a few positive replies. And while I might not be a blogging expert, I think I am around long enough to have learned a few tricks of the trade.

Before starting to give you some advice on starting, running and maintaining a roleplaying game blog, let me tell you what you won’t find in this series. There will be no advice on how to handle advertisements on the blog, no tips to make your blog more SEO friendly or on how to make money with blogging. If you are looking for some information on these topics you have to look elsewhere.

But I can give you some tips on choosing the right blog software, how to get started with blogging, whether you should join a blog network, how to cope with writer’s block and what else is part of a RPG blogger’s daily life.

Please take everything I write here with a grain of salt. There are some things that worked for me, or at least I believe that they worked, and your mileage may vary. That’s why I am still very interested in your experiences. Please let us know in the comments below what worked or didn’t work for you.

Now, that the ground is set, we can start with lesson #1 in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Day of Fudge

Fudge Dice As you probably know I have a soft spot for the Fudge system. Alas I never had the opportunity to actually run a game with it, but from time to time I leaf through the huge Fudge 10th Anniversary book and think about what games I could run with it.

And perhaps the upcoming “Day of Fudge” is finally my chance to play or run some Fudge. Every first Saturday of June is the “Day of Fudge” where fans of this fine roleplaying game system are encouraged to run public Fudge events.

I am not sure if there are Fudge fans in my area but I might actually run a Fudge game at our RPG pub meeting in June. And I doubt anyone will mind when I miss the “Day of Fudge” by a few days. The important part is spreading the word of that fine game.

I also want to thank Patrick Benson from SinisterForces for the great idea! So if you enjoyed the event, please visit his blog and say your thanks.

So, what are your plans for that day. Are you running a game yourself? Are you attending a “Day of Fudge” game? If so, please post about it in the comments below.

UPDATE: #stargazersworld regular Fudgebob Dicepants asked me to let you guys know about the Official Fudge IRC channel. If you are tech-savvy you can connect your favorite IRC client to the irc.otherworlders.org server and join #fudge. Alternatively you can use this Mibbit shortcut to join the chat.

Review: Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors Dragon Warriors is a classic British fantasy roleplaying game that has originally been released in the mid-eighties by Corgi Books. In 2008 Magnum Opus Press released Dragon Warriors in a new edition which basically compiles the material of the original game into a series of new books.

The core rulebook is a 258-paged hardcover book with mostly black-and-white interior. The book has a pretty clean layout and very nice black-and-white artwork. While it doesn’t look on par with recent books my publishers like Paizo, WotC or FFG, it’s definitely a good-looking book with a nice old-school charm.

Alas Magnum Opus Press recently lost the license to the game so the game is currently not available as PDF download anymore. But you might still track it down in your FLGS. The license went over to Serpent King Games which will re-release the game in a revised edition in the near future.

The twenty chapters of the book contain everything you need to play in a Dragon Warriors game including character creation, rules, a complete setting (“The Lands of Legend”) which is based on medieval Europe, and an extensive bestiary.

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