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Smallville As in the months before we can provide you with a coupon code that let’s you purchase a couple of great RPG products at DriveThruRPG with a 20% discount. The coupon is good until August 15 and can be used for the following products:

The coupon code for the month is CoolJulySave2011.

In addition to that, I have one copy of the Smallville RPG to give away for free! So, what do you need to get a coupon code that allows you to download this fine game for free? First you need a DriveThruRPG account and secondly you need to reply to this post and tell me what your favorite post at Stargazer’s World is. I’ll pick the winner tomorrow at noon GMT+2.

Digital Crits and Fumbles!

If you are a Pathfinder RPG fan like me you might already know this, but just in case you missed it, Paizo launched applications based on their Critical Hit Deck and Critical Fumble Decks for your iPad or iPhone. The iCrit and iFumble (I’ve read some criticism of the names, but what the heck it’s an iWorld after all!) are digital versions of the real deal. If you own the decks they may not seem that useful, BUT they keep you from having to take the decks along to the game, and at $1.99 they are cheaper than the real thing.

I already do most of my GMing digitally so these are no brainers for me. I also own this Pathfinder SRD app which lets me plan for the game from my phone. That coupled with PDF readers and dice rolling apps make my life so much easier. With two iPhones and two iPads among me and my players I have a feeling these little apps will see a lot of use when we go back to playing Pathfinder.

You learn who your true friends are in times of hardship…

I have not posted here since July 1st, and my last post was about the planned Puerto Rico Role Players Geeknic. Was it the greatest geeknic on earth like I predicted? Well if a concussion, incessant rain, floods, trips to the hospital and your car getting stuck on a flooded street are your idea of great, it was epic!

Don’t worry everybody is alright. My lull in posting had nothing to do with getting hurt, it’s all work and real life responsibilities keeping me away, but vacations are approaching and I hope to make up during that time. But I know you are not here to read about my life, you are here to know what happened at the geeknic? Well let me tell you…

One of the wonders of living in a tropical island is the weather. It’s usually beautiful and sunny year round, BUT every so often we get torrential rain (and don’t get me started about hurricanes) that was the case last weekend. It rained all weekend, but when Sunday rolled along, despite some drizzle, it seemed like the sun was coming out, so I made my way to the park where the geeknic was going to be held and met up with my fellow early birds. We set up and then the rain came… We began moving stuff to a dry place and there was when the first mishap occurred.

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