Vampire Cyberpunk!


Ok so that title is a little misleading… I’m not planning a strange mash up entitled The Masquerade 2020, what I am working on an alternate future story for my possible Vampire the Masquerade game. On a previous post I outlined the ideas I had for an alternate future game of Vampire, but the idea has evolved and become much more detailed.

When I tweeted about working on this during the weekend my friend Daniel Perez recommended I write down the 10 most important points of the campaign and allow the rest to flow through the game. I think he called it his less is more philosophy. That is some great advice but like I told him, I used to write 40+ pages introductions to games, so these shorter introductions ARE my less is more.

I typically write introductions to my campaigns, in a way I think my players expect it. Of course they are terrific at writing their own stories based on what I write and adding their own details to the tapestry. I got a great group of players!

Here is the official timeline of the world, the facts known to the general population, not the secret history of the Kindred and other supernatural creatures. I’ll share that on a future post. Hope you like it. I think it can be the timeline for a cyberpunk game without vampire. I think it goes on without saying this is all fictional and expresses no political agendas nor do I desire any harm to befall any real world figures mentioned here, this is just fiction. We don’t need authorities monitoring the blog!

Without further ado, The Story of New Uruk

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Just when I thought the Iron Kingdoms RPG was vaporware …


When you’ve followed the blog for a while you might have noticed that I am a huge fan of the Iron Kingdoms setting by Privateer Press. But I also thought that D&D 3.0/3.5 was a bad fit for the world and I always hoped they would either create a roleplaying game system of their own design or rerelease Iron Kingdoms for a more fitting system.

In June last year they announced an original Iron Kingdoms RPG that was supposed to be not necessarily compatible to the Warmachine and Hordes rules, but close enough, so that players familiar with the skirmish games can learn the roleplaying game rules quickly. But after that initial announcement I haven’t heard from that project again.

But as it seems, it’s not vaporware after all. They haven’t announced a release date as far as I know, but there’s a video in which the people from Privateer Press talk about the RPG.

As a fan of the setting I can’t wait to learn more about this game!



WXBookThird Eye Games’ Eloy Lasanta just reminded me that February 2012 is the 2nd Annual Wu Xing Giveaway Month. So what does that mean?

At first you get a free copy of Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade with any purchase over $5 at the Three Eye Games’ online store. Aside from that you also get 4 chances per day to win a free PDF copy of this fine game. Here’s what you have to do (quoted from the official site):

1. Follow us on Facebook: Fans of Wu Xing on Facebook can post daily to the Third Eye Games Page (answering random fun questions about Wu Xing) and receive 1 entry into the daily drawing. Find our Facebook page HERE.

2. Follow us on Google+: Fans of Wu Xing on Google Plus can post daily to the Third Eye Games Page (answering random fun questions about Wu Xing) and receive 1 entry into the daily drawing. Find our Google Plus page HERE.

If you answer both the Facebook and Google question, the answers have to be different. :-)

3. Tweet about the Giveaway: Be sure to follow @ThirdEyeGames on Twitter and retweet the Daily Giveaway posting to your Twitter to earn 1 entry into the daily Drawing.

4. Join the Newsletter: Any fans that have signed up for the newsletter automatically receive 1 entry for each drawing. Increase your chances of winning just by clicking HERE.

The lucky winners will be announced on the official Third Eye Games site.

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