Fun with Photofunia

On the German RPG Blog “Cthulhu’s Ruf” I read about Photofunia, a service that allows you to apply all kinds of interesting effects onto your portrait photos. Aside from being a perfect time waster it can be easily used to create handouts for your roleplaying games. Here are some examples:

Wanted Poster (Western Style) Wanted Poster (Harry Potter Style)
Wanted Poster (Western Style) Wanted Poster (Harry Potter Style)
Newspaper Handout Behold the Great Cthulhu
Newspaper Handout Behold the Great Cthulhu

I am sure you can come up with even more creative uses of PhotoFunia’s effects. Enjoy!

Support the Stargazer!

Some of you may already have noticed that I added a new widget to the right sidebar of the blog titled “Support the Stargazer!”. The widget contains links to my Amazon wishlists (on the US, UK and German sites) and my DriveThruRPG wishlist.

As you are well aware there are no ads on the blog, aside from some unobstrusive DriveThruRPG affiliate links, and I give away all the games I’ve written for free. But from time people ask me how they could support me. I have thought about adding a PayPal donation button, but decided against it. I don’t want to make money off this blog.

But if you really want to show your appreciation, why not send me something from my wishlists? You don’t have to see this as a demand to send me gifts, but if you always wondered how to support me, that’s your chance.

Get 20% off of selected titles at DriveThruRPG until July 10th

A couple of days ago I got another discount code for selected products at DriveThruRPG that I am allowed to share with my esteemed readers. As in the months before you get 20% off of a couple of PDF products. This time the coupon code is good for the following products:

The coupon code for this month is HotJuneDrive2011 and it’s good until July 10th. Enjoy!

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