Dark Dungeons – The Animated Film


As a roleplayer you surely know the Jack Chick tract “Dark Dungeons” and if you don’t you definitely need to check it out. It still baffles me that there are people out there who believe in magic and think D&D (and other roleplaying games) can teach you how to cast spells. Heck, if I could mind control people using magic, I wouldn’t probably need a day job but I would rule the world … or at least a small European country. But I digress. 😉

Last year a group called “Boolean Union” created an animated film based on said Chick tract. That may actually be old news to some of you. I don’t actually know what reminded me of the existence of said movie, I think someone mentioned it on Twitter or Google+ the other day. Alas I can’t remember who it was. Nevertheless, the animated film based on the Chick tract is fun to watch even though the animation looks very old school. But hey, it fits the source material.



Ask The Stargazer!


Compose MailFor a while now I have been thinking about starting a new hopefully regular feature on Stargazer’s World called “Ask The Stargazer!”.

So what’s the idea behind this new feature? You can send in your questions and the team of Stargazer’s World will try to answer them to the best of their abilities. You have a question about an existing or upcoming Stargazer Games product? Ask away! You want to know what we think about a recent development in the RPG industry? Send in your questions. You always wanted to know what we think about game X? Send us an email.

Of course this will only work with your help. So please think about what you want to know and send your questions to askthestargazer@stargazersworld.com! Please note that it may take a while until we publish our first “Ask The Stargazer!” post here. And if it’s possible try to keep questions short and to the point.

So what are you waiting for you? Send us your questions!

Tricks or Treats at the spookiest RPG Download Store!


jack-o-lantern100DriveThruRPG is wishing us all happy Halloween by giving away a couple of free products. They’ve hidden pumpkins all over the site that you can click on. It will be either be a treat (an awesome free product) or a fun trick. Of course the free products are mostly horror based and the treats I’ve found so far are not too shabby. So, head over to DriveThruRPG right now and look for the treats. Feel free to post some tips where to look here or at the DriveThruRPG Facebook page!

These are the products I’ve found so far:

  • Little Fears Nightmare Edition
  • Profane Miracles
  • The Best Little Hellhouse in Texas
  • ICONS: Murder of Crowes
  • Supernatural Adventures
  • Living in a Zombie Land – Halloween 2011 (This was actually a trick!) 😛
  • All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised
  • 100 Horror Adventure Seeds
  • Midnight Harvest
  • Kobold Quarterly #15
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised Edition)
I actually believe that might be all of them, because the site mentions 13 pumpkins and I found three “tricks”.
They are actually pretty easy to find. Just make sure you explore the DriveThruRPG site thoroughly and don’t forget in your account page!


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