What about The Gift: Curse of the Golden Spear Part 1? A review…

The Gift is part one of a three part series (they call it a campaign arc at the Rite Publishing website) of adventures for the Pathfinder RPG system, this installment is for four 5th level characters. The adventure is set in Kaidan, a land of oriental horror, inspired by Japanese folklore. Rite Publishing provided a review PDF and as soon as I downloaded it and looked it over I became excited…

See, I love the mysteries of Asian folklore, its history, but as someone brought up in the “west” (I do hate those arbitrary terms but let’s use them for ease of reference) I still feel there is much I still have to learn about the culture and more about the history of Asia. As far as RPGs go I have purchased some Asian themed games like the Original Oriental Adventures, the Kara-Tur boxed set for the Forgotten Realms and even the D&D3rd edition version of Oriental Adventures which was set in the world of Rokugan, also the setting for Legend of the Five Rings. That last game despite its popularity and having MANY friends who play it, I have never tried. In fact I have never played or run an entire Asian themed campaign.

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Interview with Jeremy Keller

Jeremy Keller Recently I have been posting a lot about Technoir, the upcoming cyberpunk RPG by Jeremy Keller. This game has impressed me tremendously and actually made me sign up for Kickstarter, so I could help Jeremy fund this project.

By the way, the Technoir Kickstarter project has almost reached it’s current $10,000 goal. Check out this page to find out what it’s all about! (Editor’s note: The $10,000 goal has been reached while this post was waiting to be published.)

A few days ago I asked Jeremy if he was willing to answer a few question for us and he agreed. So without further ado, enjoy the Q&A!

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Ready to become the BADASS you always dreamed to be?

BADASS coverStargazer Games and Jay Steven Anyong, the Philippine Gamer, are proud to announce the release of BADASS, the game that kicks logic in the face, twists its arm behind its back and makes it cry for its momma.

It makes me tremendously proud that Jay asked me not only to do the layout for his game but also wanted me to release it as a Stargazer Games product.

The 28-paged PDF is available for FREE from DriveThruRPG. So, what are you waiting for? Download the PDF and become the Badass you always wanted to be!

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