A font by any other name…

I don’t know about you, but I love collecting them. Ever since I got my first word processor I cherished the possibility of changing the font depending on the purpose of the document I was writing. For a big period in my gaming life one of the things I enjoyed the most was creating character sheets for the games I was playing, (this was in that bygone age before high speed internet connections and great collections of pre-made character sheets like the Mad Irishman, kudos!) and selecting the right font from that seemingly endless collection of fonts displayed against the monochrome background of my monitor was a key part of that process!

Actually, my love for fonts can be traced back to my early gaming days. Perhaps many of you first discovered the idea of fantasy script with Tolkien, but while I fondly remember reading the novels I can’t say I was particularly taken by the funny looking script. The first time I made the connection that a made believe fantasy language could have a script corresponding to our own alphabet was reading the old Forgotten Realms grey box, in the book there were illustrations of the scripts of Faerun with the equivalent letters in the Latin alphabet and the Arabic numbers (that’s how I remember it and I’m not searching for the book at this our so do not thread over my memories!). Continue reading

Aspects of War

Whether the Player Characters in your campaign stand for good or battle for evil, one thing will always be true. The ability to tell a story of war to your PCs. This is a very important skill for any Game Master. Be it as simple as a battle between a farm-hand and a pack of hungry wolves or a biblical showdown between Demons and Gods.

These are two extremely different battles, but the ability to explain to your PCs what is going on is equally important. As a GM we all see these graphic images in our minds eye. The hard work is already done for us thanks to our imagination. Now, take what you see and put that into words that will kick your players imagination into maximum overdrive!
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Review: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Player’s Guide

WHFRP Player's Guide I haven’t been aware of the WHFRP Player’s Guide until I got a coupon code for a review copy in my email inbox. But I have to admit it was a pleasant surprise. Even though I changed my stance on the latest iteration of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay there where still a few things that irked me. The new Player’s Guide remedies a lot of the issues I had with this game before.

As with all recent Fantasy Flight Games products, the 306-paged WHFRP Player’s Guide looks gorgeous. I haven’t seen a printed copy yet since this review is based on a PDF copy, but I am sure it will be of the high quality we have been seeing from FFG products for some time now. The artwork is of great quality although I think some of it is reused from the rule booklets of the WHFRP boxed set. In some cases I remember the artwork from even much older products like the original Games Workshop edition of WHFRP.

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