Free RPG Day is coming!

Junes is a fun month. Summer begins, it’s my birthday (feel free to send gifts!) and Free RPG Day happens on the 16th. I love the concept of Free RPG Day, it’s a great way to promote the RPG industry, get people visiting stores and generally share with people what RPGs are all about.

I imagine a store crammed with gamers looking for a freebie, bringing along their family and loved ones. The casual visitor to the store who wonders about RPGs gets to try them out. The passerby wonders, “What’s going on there?” and enters the store. The store manned with friendly helpful employees that run game demos and share their love for role-playing games!

At least that’s how I see it in my mind, since I have never participated in Free RPF Day…

See I live in Puerto Rico, and while we have (what to me seems like) a thriving community of role players (just visit/follow Puerto Rico Role Players in any of its incarnations); the FLGS are few and far between. We have some stores mostly dedicated to card games with the occasional role-player and one comic store/game store that has no gaming area. While the smaller stores do hold tournaments and competitions for card games, their bread and butter, something I totally understand, and one briefly participated in the D&D encounters, no store is participating in Free RPG Day.

I have NO idea what the cost for retailers is. That may be a factor. But I’ve seen the excitement Free Comic Book Day brings about and if run properly Free RPG Day could be a continuation of that at least for one store. Before you say it I have shared the information so it’s not that. Alas I must respect the decisions retailers make, they are supposed to know what’s best for their business.

But there is a silver lining, most companies share their Free RPG Day products in digital form afterwards, so I will get to experience some of the swag those of you lucky enough to have Free RPG Day near you will get your hands on.

So check out if a retailer near you is participating, support your FLGS and show your love for the RPG industry. Be sure to let me know if your experience is like I envisioned it, or maybe even better!

The Sunglar Report

Who is that Sunglar listed under authors in the right side column of the blog? When was the last time this purported Puerto Rican blogger wrote anything here?

Hello friends! For those three of you that missed me, like hard to get rid of poltergeist, I AM BACK… Last time I posted here in Stargazer’s World it was April 10th and I was planning my Savage Worlds zombie game. What happened to me since then and what have I been up to?

Well, glad you asked! I was recruited by an international secret cabal that covertly protects the world from the threats that would bring an end to civilization as we know it. Ok, no, not really. It’s been nothing that fancy. Mostly real life, work and classes…

I don’t recall if I mentioned it before, maybe Michael mentioned it on one of his posts, but I’ve gone back to college. I’ve decided to get a Master’s Degree in Education with a Specialty in Curriculum. I have a background in education, and have worked in the field for fourteen going on fifteen years. But my previous studies have been in communications and English Literature (not that you’d know by the way I write!) and I’ve finally decided to get a Master’s related to what I do on a daily basis. I am having a blast, but since it’s an accelerated program I’m taking classes in 5 week cycles, doing a lot of work at night, which eats up my blogging time. Add to that, that things at my new job (which I began a little over six months ago) are taking off and some projects are proceeding apace, so I have been busy.

That doesn’t mean I have stopped gaming, just haven’t had that much time to write about it. I’ll try to fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

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More thoughts on D&D Next

D&D Next The D&D playtest rules have been out for a while, and there are a lot of heated discussions everywhere on the internet. What didn’t surprise me at all is the fact that most fans of 4E hate the new edition. This is actually no surprise because there’s almost nothing of 4E left in the current playtest rules. You can easily get the impression that WotC is throwing its current fans under the bus in order to appease its former fans. I may be one of those since I am one of the people that played a lot of D&D 3.0/3.5 back in the day, but stopped playing long before Pathfinder came out.

From what I’ve seen so far I like what WotC has done with D&D Next. The rules look a bit old-school but especially backgrounds and themes set it apart from the OD&D retro-clones out there. Some of the mechanics like advantage/disadvantage are pretty neat in my opinion and it looks like a game I would play. But having said that, my excitement of the first few days has already waned.

I don’t know whether it’s my fear that we only saw the tip of the iceberg and that the rest of the game may be a mess after all, or that the ongoing heated discussion has already burned me out. At least they recently changed the official FAQ to allow online playtests using Hangout, Skype etc.

I still might look for an online playtest group, but the longer I think about it, I wonder why I actually should be excited about D&D Next. I could easily take my favorite retro-clone, add in a few stuff myself and adopt the advantage/disadvantage mechanic. I don’t need to wait for the D&D Next release to play such a game. This way I can also avoid every 4E-isms that might creep into the game over time.

I am pretty sure that the D&D Next books will be great-looking (like most recent WotC stuff), and the current playtest rules don’t look too bad, but I am still not entirely sold. I am about to start playing Legend (Mongoose’s latest Runequest game) and from what I’ve seen so far, it might fit my preferences much better than any edition of D&D. But since D&D is the grand-daddy of all other RPGs out there, I’ll probably keep an eye on it after all.

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