My gift to the Fudge community

As I mentioned a while ago I had some plans to run a Fudge Day event this year. Alas several things went wrong and so this never happened. So I was looking for another way to spread the word about Fudge with other gamers. In the end I came up with a one-page version of “Fudge in a Nutshell”. “Fudge in a Nutshell” basically gives you all the information needed to understand Fudge in a condensed format. But the original version needed two full pages, so I removed a few sections that are not necessarily needed, put my layout skills to work and fit everything onto one page!

The result of my efforts can be downloaded here. The PDF document contains the one-paged “Fudge in a Nutshell” and the Open Game License. Printed out this makes the perfect handout for con games! I’ll definitely print a couple of those out and share them with my RPG pub meeting regulars next month!

What about The Complete Advanced Feats? A review…

When I read the author’s preface to The Complete Advanced Feats by Sigfried Trent and the author said that the compilation and publication in print was borne of the request of fans I could only say, “right on”! I felt I did my very small part by reviewing the electronic books here in the blog. From the beginning I was a fan, despite my misgivings about the cover on the very first installment, the series just got better and better. As a matter of fact you can read my reviews of all the individual books that make up this compilation here:

The Alchemist, The Cavalier, The Inquisitor, The Oracle, The Summoner, The Witch

The larger part of the book are obviously the feats. They are all here, in one unified list, which is a big plus. Like I said before, while many of these feats will enhance the classes they were written for, they will be useful for other classes. There are some corrections done, and all the things I liked, such as commentary on the reasoning behind the feat’s design, and sidebars appropriate to the feats. I am not a fan of feat books for feats sakes, but this does not feel like a random list of ideas, there is a theme and focus here unlike other feat books I have read. This may be my favorite book of this sort in print.

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Kickstarter: Age Past

It seems more and more small-press publishers are jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon. Jeff Mechlinski is a game designer from Batltimore, who is currently raising funds for his game “Age Past” on Kickstarter. In honor of free RPG day he also released a late beta PDF for free, so that you can have a first look at what the final Age Past book will look like. And even though Jeff is still raising money to pay for more art, Age Past already looks gorgeous.

The rules seem to be a bit too crunchy for my tastes, but that shouldn’t keep you from checking out this game. Currently 9 people have backed the project and there are still 41 days to raise the $3,200 Jeff has set as goal. If you’re into fantasy RPGs, you might want to have a look!

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