Review: Gamma World

Gamma World Box Cove Illustration

I have been doing some extensive coverage of Gamma World this week on my blog, providing various thoughts on the game, and now it is time for, dum, dum, dum… my final review.  I have been experimenting with a new format for doing these reviews, so this one might read a bit different than my last review of Amethyst: Foundations.

This new edition of Gamma World, which uses the base rules of 4th Edition D&D, and tweaks them, is actually the 7th Edition of the game.  I can’t really comment on these earlier editions, or compare this game to those, because in all honesty, I have never played them.  This edition of Gamma World has been my gateway into the game; so, please forgive me for not getting into any edition commentary or comparison.  I’d like to keep this review focused narrowly on the core box, which was released in October (reviews of the two expansions will make their way here once I add them to my collection).

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Sandbox in Space

Daedalus-class Last week I posted about my plans to run a Star Trek game sometime in the future. Focus of the campaign will be the adventures of the USS Daedalus (the first ship of the Daedalus-class) and its crew. The campaign begins shortly after the Enterprise TV series ends. Currently I am not 100% sure if the Earth-Romulan war shall be part of the campaign or already history. But even if the war is part of the campaign it’s just supposed to be the prelude to a larger sandbox campaign.

Sandbox campaigns are quite popular when running old-school games and in my opinion they are a good fit for a Star Trek game. Although the Captain of the USS Daedalus will have been given a mission by Starfleet Command, he or she is pretty much acting on their own for the most part. Subspace communication does not always work that great, so space ship captains have to make decisions without getting specific orders from Starfleet. And I thought it would be best to provide my players with the same freedom.

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Ask The Readers: Fighting Gamer ADD

distracted Currently I am having a bad case of gamer ADD again. I start a gaming project, scrap it, think about running a game using system A, then I switch to system B while returning to the first project, scrap it again…

For some reason I can’t just focus on one campaign and one system. Dozens of ideas are floating around in my head and every time I think I am on to something I want to pursue further, I get distracted by something new and shiny!

Of course it’s not always that bad. Sometimes I can be very focused, working concentrated on one single project only. That’s why I am currently so glad that I can play again. A friend of mine is running Deathwatch for us, so that I don’t have to worry to get something done for next week’s game.

If you have been following my blog for the last years now, you’ll have noticed that it’s full of unfinished ideas and announced but never finished projects. I am now asking myself if this is a common problem of GMs, wannabe game designers and bloggers? Or is it just me. And what have others done to cope with that issue?

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