The Kobolds launched a new patronage project: Dark Roads and Golden Hells

I just learned about a new patronage project over at Open Design: Dark Roads and Golden Hells. It will led by Northlands’ designer Dan Voyce. So what will the new book be about?

Welcome to the Multiverse!
apostrophe_demon1Open Design is opening a portal to new demons, killer angels, and the strange landscapes of the planes, from the hells to the shadow plane! Led by Dan Voyce, the designer of the outstanding Northlands sourcebook, this patron project will examine playable sites such as the Vault of Mammon and reusable NPCs suitable for planar journeys, as well as new gear, spells, and hundreds of adventure hooks!
With development by some of the Planescape campaign setting crew and contributions from Paizo’s planar designers as well, this will be an outstanding book for anyone interested in the planes. As always with Open Design, supporters are invited to brainstorm, pitch, design, and playtest the material as much or as little as they like, resulting in a stronger book (as proven by Open Designs 6 ENnie Awards in 5 years!).
Step out on the Dark Roads and visit some Golden Hells: adventure calls!

For more details on the project check out the official announcement at the Kobold Quarterly Blog.

A Wanderer’s Romance now available

SoogaGames and Stargazer Games are proud to announce that Christopher McDowall’s game “A Wanderer’s Romance” is finally available for free from DriveThruRPG. So what’s this game about?

AWR cover The world began as nothing but ocean. The Origins raised up a million colourful islands, anything larger than a few dozen miles being swallowed by the envious deep. Some of these immaterial beings chose to take a physical form and live in the varied lands they had created, eventually settling into the forms of men and beasts. Our ancestors.

The Origins that did not take physical form paid a great cost. They were left unable to affect their world directly, relying upon influencing men with words and knowledge. Their teachings led to our understanding of elemental balance, the formation of the thousand Legendary Styles and the universal code of combat that define our world today.

You are a great man or woman. An errant trained in both the noble art of combat and in contests of body and mind. Drifting from one island to another, you have your own philosophy on life and the power to enforce it.

A Wanderer’s Romance is a game of martial art duels and tea-making contests set in a world of unnatural islands on an endless sea. It draws on its Wuxia influences but focuses on a character driven game with scope for incredible environments and a true sense of exploration.

Features of the game include:

  • A fast, simple and easy to learn system for task resolution that spreads consistently across duels, contests, activities and group tests.
  • Dozens of combat styles for characters to learn as well as countless other types of contest they can specialise in.
  • A setting outline designed for maximum creative freedom. Every group’s world will be different but will share in similar themes.
  • Multiple ways to support your allies from teaching them lessons in defeat and envigorating them through activities to training them in combat styles and preparing tea and food that will balance their elemental forces.

By the way, the beautiful artwork in the game was created by Pavel Elagin and was used with permission. Check out his portfolio for more examples of his art!

Fated to play FATE

SBA During the last weeks I have felt the pull towards Evil Hat’s FATE system getting continuously stronger. I have always thought that FATE was one of the most elegant and ingenious RPG systems designed, but for some reason it never made “click” for me. I read almost every FATE-powered game I could get my hands on, but some aspect (no pun intended) of the game always kept me scratching my head. While I liked very much what I read I was not sure how these games actually play and more importantly if I as a GM can handle it.

Recently I have been listening to some actual play recordings of people playing the Dresden Files RPG and one thing intrigued me the most: the players were actually thinking more about who their characters are than what they can do. In the majority of games I’ve run people usually created their LoAcharacter with their abilities in mind. I’ve also noticed that coming up with Aspects in a group is much easier than doing so when you are all alone imagining how it could be to actually play FATE.

Listening to people actually playing and discussing the game was actually an eye-opener for me. Suddenly the things I have been struggling with made much more sense. For some reason I never had these issues with more traditional games.

DFRPG Rereading Starblazer Adventures’ “How Do I Play This?” chapter actually helped me to realize that at the core FATE can be described in just 10 pages. Everything else might help to give you more details, more examples, more stuff to use for your game. But in the end it boils down to just these 10 pages. And still this allows you to play almost in any genre you can think of. Wow! I can’t hide it, I am extremely excited.

Alas I am suffering from a terrible gaming dry spell at the moment. I haven’t played or run a game in quite a while. Hopefully this will change in July and I think this might be the right moment to finally run a FATE game. Since I am still longing for some SF, I might actually give Starblazer Adventures or Bulldogs! a try. But there’s also a copy of Legends of Anglerre lying on my bedside table which is also a lot of fun to read and probably even more fun to play…

I have to admit that while I wholeheartedly love the Dresdenverse, I am not sure if I can properly run a game in it. I need at least to read a few more novels before I have a better grasp of the game world before I will dare to run this beast. But one day, I will…

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