Converting the Spouse: An Ongoing Quest – Part 2

Tsi SmithI was really, really surprised and excited to see the great response behind my first post in this series.  I’m really happy to see everyone chiming in to comment and relate.  It’s good to see that I’m not entirely alone on this issue; I am however going to continue in my conversion endeavor and for that reason, I have come back again to relate my never ending journey of turning my wife into a gamer.

Last time, I talked about my plans for using L5R as our game system of choice, due to its relatively easy rules and also thematically easy to relate to premise.  I also decided that we are going to be going a bit away from a purely murder, death, kill, loot style of gaming.  But, when last we parted, I wasn’t exactly sure about what I would be doing with the game; this week, the game type gets narrowed down, and we move into the realm of character creation.  Good stuff.

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Three Years of Stargazer’s World

On August 4th Stargazer’s World has celebrated it’s third anniversary. Over the last 36 months my team and I have brought you over 1140 posts. That’s about 31 posts per month! I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading the blog as much as we did writing it!

A lot has changed over the last three years. When I started out I was the only one German fan who took his first steps into the world of RPG blogging. Without the help of the RPG Bloggers Network, our readers and a few friends I would probably have given up soon. But that’s was not how it turned out. Writing for Stargazer’s World helped me to make friends all over the world, encouraged me to go to GenCon and gave me the confidence to release a roleplaying game of my own writing.

It have been quite tumultuous times but I definitely won’t miss a minute of it. Thanks again to everyone who joined me on that ride!

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Gen Con Day 1… Results: Tired! (Lots of fun but beat)

Whatever possessed me to think I could actually write about Gen Con Indy after a full day of gaming? Well here goes a post about first impressions. I got to talk to a LOT of people today, and hopefully get to talk to more tomorrow, both friends and exhibitors.  So how was it so far? Awesome!

After my last first time here four years ago, I came to the con with a different attitude, and it has worked. I have spent time with friends from the island who travelled here from back home as well as those that live stateside. I have also met with friends I had only contacted through social media. It’s a strange thing to meet people you’ve only seen in avatars and profile pictures.

As far as Gen Con goes, well what can I add? It’s a massive event no gamer should miss. No matter how far away you are it’s a pilgrimage worth making, and I am sure once you’ve been here you’ll want to return. Today I concentrated on the Exhibitors Room, foolishly believing I could see all I wanted to see. I visited booths, talked to some professionals I had never thought I would exchange words with and learned about all sorts of interesting games. Some are already being talked about in the blogosphere and internet new sites. Also I went to some smaller companies and saw some really interesting things, especially in areas I typically don’t follow, like miniature games and board games.

I spent far too much money and already have the books I wanted and a few more. I will write more extensively later on specifics as I am simply just too tired to write much more. I finished the night playing a game of Savage Worlds with David (@LodestoneDavid) from Purple Pawn who was kind enough to run three loud Puerto Ricans (me, my friend Yamir and @luniticus) as well as our new friend Scott, through an excellent pulp adventure. It helped me better understand the system as well as show me how to put together all the rule components more efficiently. Kudos to David!

And I cannot sign off today without thanking the Gen Con staff who facilitated my being there, were helpful and all around swell people. Covering the con for the blog has been a blast. I will write more next week about the experience and specifics, so this is just the beginning. Thank you all for reading!

PS – Remember that This Just In from… Gen Con! Is also covering the con and they are doing podcasts about it…

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