Spring is here… Can’t you smell the kobold? The Kobold Quarterly that is!

After such a long and convoluted title, I guess you know it’s time to look at the new issue of Kobold Quarterly, in this case issued 17, the spring issue. Both Michael and I have previously blogged about Kobold Quarterly (here and here for two instances) and if you are a regular reader you know we both are fans of Open Design products. They were kind enough to provide a review copy of their latest issue in PDF so here is my take on it.

Kobold Quarterly #17 is a 76 page full color magazine, including ads. The collection of articles in this issue covers the gamut of fantasy RPG systems, the typical D&D 4th edition and Pathfinder, while adding the increasingly more popular Dragon Age system, and includes some non system specific articles, such as advice columns and book reviews.  The issue’s theme is villains and they certainly deliver. Its chock full of goodies! I have said it before and will again, Kobold Quarterly is the spiritual successor of Dragon and Dungeon magazine. All in all this is a great issue, so don’t tarry, get you copy.

I do have more to say, if you are interested read on…

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Help a friend…

A friend, fellow member of Puerto Rico Role Players and all around swell guy Rallaster, has been working on new base classes for the Pathfinder RPG. I’ve been looking over his creations, the Mystic Knight and the Shadow Knight, both in beta versions in his blog. He’s looking for constructive criticism on these classes, so if you like the Pathfinder RPG system and can give a friend a hand I invite you to visit his blog. He’s got some other stuff there as well.

If you drop by make sure you tell him I sent you! I had told him I was going to write this and I have taken my sweet time… Sorry for that my friend.

What’s going on at the RPMN?

UPDATE: Berin decided it was the best to go along with his initial plan and close the RPMN.

As you know I usually don’t rant on this blog, but sometimes there are things that rub me the wrong way. This is one of those rare cases…

Some of you might still remember when Berin Kinsman announced the Role Play Media Network. In my first blog post about it I called it “a social network for gamers done right!” For the first few months the network was thriving. But alas the activity started to die down over time. Even the majority of admins had abandoned the project.

So in November 2010 I made a last effort trying to get people interested in the RPMN again. While there was some minor activity after that, it wasn’t enough to warrant the costs produced by the site, so Berin finally decided to shut the RPMN down this month.

Or so we thought. As it turns out, Sam Proof, who has been made admin recently, has some plans with the community. In his blog post on the RPMN, he announces that he has taken over and is planning to move from Ning to a self-hosted WordPress site.

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