Review: Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors Dragon Warriors is a classic British fantasy roleplaying game that has originally been released in the mid-eighties by Corgi Books. In 2008 Magnum Opus Press released Dragon Warriors in a new edition which basically compiles the material of the original game into a series of new books.

The core rulebook is a 258-paged hardcover book with mostly black-and-white interior. The book has a pretty clean layout and very nice black-and-white artwork. While it doesn’t look on par with recent books my publishers like Paizo, WotC or FFG, it’s definitely a good-looking book with a nice old-school charm.

Alas Magnum Opus Press recently lost the license to the game so the game is currently not available as PDF download anymore. But you might still track it down in your FLGS. The license went over to Serpent King Games which will re-release the game in a revised edition in the near future.

The twenty chapters of the book contain everything you need to play in a Dragon Warriors game including character creation, rules, a complete setting (“The Lands of Legend”) which is based on medieval Europe, and an extensive bestiary.

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Campaign Primer Ideas! Part 1

Fellow poster, and all around nice guy, Shinobicow (who also has a really cool nick, but I digress) wrote an excellent series of posts on World Building that he shared here on the blog. They are full of useful advice to get your campaign creation juices flowing.  One in particular caught my attention, Part 8, on actually getting your campaign started, touched up on a point near and dear to my heart, a campaign primer.

A way to introduce your setting to you players, giving them an idea of what the game they are about to embark upon is about. Shinobicow lists the ideas of handing out print copies, what he calls the drive-in method (jumping right in) and the elevator speech. Good stuff, go and read it. I have been pondering about this topic since reading the original post.

First about how to go about it… I used to create my campaigns by myself. Come up with concepts and ideas and then share that with players. Over the years I’ve become convinced that the more you involve your players in the process the more they are invested in the game. Not every player wants to create a campaign, that’s why YOU are the GM, but they may want to contribute depending on their interests. Some may want to create a city, a planet or an NPC; others may want to contribute some rules. Even something as simple as a campaign questionnaire can help you in this process.

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