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Google+Yesterday I had my second game over Google+ Hangout (check out my post about my first game there) and again, everyone had a blast. Of course we had to fight some technical issues first and even though we tried we couldn’t eliminate a nasty echo entirely. But as one of the players mused, we were exploring a cave after all, perhaps it’s supposed to sound like this. Zwinkerndes Smiley

Like the last time Chris ran “Into the Odd” for us. After the game I realized that because of Google+ I have actually played more during the last two weeks than in a long time before.

Scheduling a game has always been a major issue, and since most of my local players live up to an hour’s drive away from me, the time they need to get home after the game has always been another problem. So most of the time we tried to play on the – much too short – weekends. And if then one or more players can’t make it you have to reschedule to the next weekend or the weekend after that. The end result is that you don’t get to play that often.

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Ask the Readers: What’s your favorite Call of Cthulhu adventure?


Call of Cthulhu cover On Saturday I have started making plans for New Year’s Eve. Like in the years before a few friends will come over, we will have good food and do some roleplaying. This year we decided that I should run Call of Cthulhu. Some time ago I had some ideas for creating my own CoC campaign set into the Cold War era, but this would definitely beyond the scope of a one-shot New Year’s Eve game.

That’s why I am asking for your help. What is your favorite Call of Cthulhu adventure and – more importantly – why? Can it be run in a single session? Is it still available for purchase and if so where? Especially a lot of the older Chaosium titles have been out of print for quite a while. If the adventure in question is available at RPGNow it would be a big plus.

By the way, are the Age of Cthulhu adventures by Goodman Games any good?

Almost as good as the real deal: playing RPGs over Google+ Hangout


This is not an actual screenshot. Yesterday I joined Chris McDowall and a group of three players I didn’t know before that in a game of “Into the Odd” over Google+ Hangout. In this post I want to talk a little bit about both. Let’s start with “Into the Odd”.

“Into the Odd” is basically a highly streamlined and simplified version of D&D that did away with classes, three of the attributes and includes a totally new magic system. In this game magic is not fully understood and based on artifacts left behind by some race that supposedly came from the stars. While it’s a fantasy games it brings a lot of horror and SF themes to the table. The focus of the game is exploration and in our game we explored the “Iron Coral”.

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