RPG Blogging 101: Writing posts

Writing posts is actually the hardest part of running any blog. Everything else up to this point was mostly theoretical or technical stuff, but now we come to what really makes a blog. A nice theme may help grasp a readers attention, a good blogging software might make things easier for you, but if you’re unable to get any posts written your blog has already failed.

The first post
In my opinion it’s ok to have a first post that basically says “Hello, world! Here I am!”. Sit down again and ponder why you wanted to start blogging in the first place and what the topic of your blog is going to be. Then write all of this down. There’s nothing wrong with starting with a “teaser”. It helps you to get in the right mindset and tells new readers what your upcoming posts might be about. And perhaps you can even reuse this post for your about section!

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My quest to run a Fudge game

Fudge I’ve been flirting with the Fudge RPG for quite a while now. It was in April 2009 when I wrote about my plans to run an urban fantasy/horror game for my girlfriend using FUDGE. Alas this game never left the early planning phase. Recently I have thought about a SF game using that system and again, I had huge problems getting started. What is it that makes it so hard to get a Fudge game up and running?

One of the advantages of Fudge is it’s toolbox nature. Especially in it’s 10th Anniversary edition it contains a plethora of rules options that GMs can incorporate into their game. While this may be great if you already have a firm grasp of what you want do do, it’s pretty much overwhelming for a new Fudge GM. It’s like drinking from the proverbial firehose. Albeit of the fact that each basic rule in Fudge is pretty easy compared to some other games I’ve played and run, the sheer amount of options make it extremely hard to get started.

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RPG Blogging 101: Let’s start at the beginning

So you want to start blogging about tabletop RPGs? Alas that’s easier said than done. Especially in the beginning you have to make a lot of decisions that will shape the future of your blogging career. Luckily blogs are not set into stone, so you can change quite a few things later if you are later unhappy with your initial decisions.

The first thing you should think about is the “why”. Why do you want to blog about roleplaying games? Are you an avid gamer who wants to share the love for the hobby with the world? Are you working on your own game/campaign/etc. and you’re interested in getting feedback from people on the ‘net? Or are you just enjoying writing down your thoughts on the hobby and share them with the world?

Whatever your reasons are think about why you want to blog for a while. Ponder whether this really is what you want to do. This advice might sound silly, but this actually might help you a lot in the long run. Especially when you start blogging out of the wrong reasons. If you are in for the big money you probably should think about a different topic. While I am sure there are guys out there who make some money with their RPG blogs most of us probably put more bucks into it than we get back. But if you’re happy with doing it just for the fun of it, welcome to the club!

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