Get your Free RPG Day swag today!

smallfreelogo2011 As you you may already know last Saturday was Free RPG Day. Alas not all of us had the opportunity to go to a participating FLGS to pick up some nice freebies, socialize with fellow players, and participate in a game or two. But some of the publishers which provided free adventures, free quickstart booklets etc. also released them in electronic format. Here’s what we found so far:

Alderac Entertainment Group

Eden Studios

Green Ronin


Pinnacle Entertainment Group

White Wolf

When I am not mistaken a few of the other participating publishers usually release their freebies in PDF form some time after Free RPG Day, so I might add a few more entries to this list later. If I missed anything that’s already out there, please let me know in the comments below!

I also want to thank all participating publishers for their participation in Free RPG Day!

Technoir Dice Mechanics

I have no idea how I could have missed this, but Jeremy Keller actually recorded a short video that gives an overview of how the dice mechanics of Technoir work. If you’re interested in this game, you should definitely check the video out.

By the way, the Kickstarter hasn’t reached its next goal of $20,000 yet. This time Jeremy is looking for help. People are asked to contribute their idea what the next additional Player’s Guide should be about. The person who comes up with the idea that gets chosen in the end will be credited in the PDF and has the chance to help Jeremy brainstorming new training programs, objects, etc.!

Tag Team Review: Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century

Battlelords cover Battlelords of the 23rd Century is one of the game I always wanted to check out back in the 1990s. The name alone aroused my interest in that game, but alas I was unable to track down a copy back then. Over the years I lost sight of that game. A couple of months ago I was positively surprised to see that Battlelords is back. SSDC Inc., who was founded by two huge fans of said game, has bought the game from the original publisher, and re-released it earlier this year in a slightly overhauled edition.

Before starting to delve deeper into the 292-paged book I have to thank Aaron Thies, president of SSDC, who provided me with an electronic review copy of this fine game. The other SSDC cofounder Michael Osadciw was responsible for the layout and cover art of the 2011 edition of Battlelords. And if you ask me, he did a great job! The layout is very clear and especially the cover art just calls out: “Play Me!”

By the way, this time we’re trying something exciting and new: the “Tag Team Review”. We thought that a game as bad-ass as Battlelords needs to be tackled by two reviewers, so Roberto joins me today. Let the fight begin!

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