WotO Part XII

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XII

This is part 2 of the timeline to my sci-fi campaign, if you missed last week’s post; here is the link to part 1.  These past two posts build upon the general history of the campaign that you can read in this post. I Said it last week but it need to be restated, a big thanks to my friends Michael, aka Stargazer, and Sara Ivette (who is a contributor at PR-Gamer), on their help with the timeline. Now on to part 2…

XIV. A timeline of humanity’s conquest of the stars (Part 2)

2227 ME – First Contact with the Cerdiallian Polycracy.  A damaged Cerdiallian ship limps into the Sol system with their non-FTL engines. Cerdiallians are humanoid enough so that their technology and Human first contact protocols bridge the gap, and rudimentary communication is established. After repairs are made and means of future contact arranged, the Cerdiallians leave.

Early 2228 ME – Kerdans destroy the generation ship docks in Neptune and attack the gas mines of Uranus. A hasty alliance between Eire-Indo-Nippon Block, American Alliance, corporate security forces and other smaller blocks and nations with ships deployed in the far Solar System defeats the Kerdans and capture some of their ships.

Late 2228 ME – To avoid an arms race or possible conflict over the new technologies that could come from the captured Kerdan technology, the nations and blocks of old Earth create the Trans-planetary Commission on Galactic Technology, or TCGT, to share these secrets with all parties involved.

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WotO Part XI

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XI

Week 11, if you just joined us this is my weekly series detailing my new Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. This is the link to last week’s post.

This week we delve into the Timeline. I first wrote a general history, more a sweeping narration than a specific list of dates that you can find in this post. As I continued writing I felt the need to nail down some dates and actually give some context to what happened to get humanity here. I need to give thanks to my dear friends Michael, aka Stargazer, and Sara Ivette (who is a contributor at PR-Gamer), both gave me excellent feedback and all their suggestions were integrated into the timeline.

XIV.  A timeline of humanity’s conquest of the stars (Part 1)


Early 2087 ME (Modern Era) – The Big Crash, the collapse of the world economy and the end of Asia-Pacific economic supremacy

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First Look: Character Artist 3

Character Artist 3 by ProFantasy Software is their latest Campaign Cartographer addon. It allows you to create impressive character portraits with ease even if you can’t draw if your life depends on it.

ProFantasy’s Ralf Schemmann was actually nice enough to provide me with a free review copy of CA3 a while ago, and today I was finally able to give it a closer look. The Character Artist 3 completely integrates with CC3, so if you’re already familiar with Campaign Cartographer, you’ll know your way around in no time.

characterCA3 comes with various templates that allow you to either create character portraits (like the one to the right) or you can create whole sheets of printable paper miniatures, or single counters. Putting together a character is a pretty easy and straightforward process. Creating the character on the right actually took only a couple of minutes and it looks pretty impressive, if you ask me.

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