Gamer Rewatch Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

In preparation for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, like almost everybody out there, I’ve decided to re-watch the Star Wars movies once again! The Internet is abuzz with retrospectives, new reviews of the original movies, and so much more. This is my contribution to that great effort!

When Star Wars (before it was Episode IV – A New Hope) came out I was four years old. I Watched in theaters, many times, and I’ve been a fan ever since. As a gamer, part of that experience was the role-playing games, from West End Game’s Star Wars D6 (not called that back then, it was simply Star Wars the RPG), to the Wizards of the Coast versions, to the myriad fan conversions to other systems. I’ve yet to buy the Fantasy Flight Games version, but if they publish a Force Awakens book they may get me to try their funky dice version of the game.

Before I watch the new movie on the 17th (yes we get it a day early in Puerto Rico!) there is a plan in place to see at least all six original films. I’ll be sharing my impression on the re-watch, rom a gamer’s perspective, perhaps offer some insight on what could work for a Star Wars game, and definitely some rambling along the way, we’ll see what comes out of this experiment. Let’s get this started: Continue reading Gamer Rewatch Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Inkarnate Entertainment Team Interview

If you’re like me, your love for RPGs goes hand in hand with a love for maps. From the first time I read The Hobbit and the Dragonlance series, to when I first opened the original Forgotten Realms boxed set, I’ve been obsessed with maps. My long running homebrewed campaign actually began with a crude map I drew and has grown from there. Through the years I’ve created maps various ways, hand drawn, electronic tools, old school hex maps, but the search for tools to create maps with never ends.

That’s how I came to discover Inkarnate Worlds. Some months ago someone shared their webpage on Facebook and when I gave it a try I was really impressed. They describe their tools on their Facebook page as follows: Inkarnate is a web app with a video-game-like interface that makes Table Top RPGs easier to play, and more fun.” Their current tool, Worlds, allows you to create truly beautiful maps through a really intuitive and easy to use interface. You can create a free account and begin creating your maps, saving them on their site, I’m really impressed!

A little googling allowed me to find out they began this journey through an unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign, and despite that obstacle, they soldiered on and currently have this tool available. I sent the team a message and they were kind enough to answer my questions… Then I sat on this interview almost two months! Let me publicly apologize to them.

If you follow me on social media you may be aware that I underwent surgery in early October, then three family members have been sick, two hospitalized more than once. Times have been hectic to say the least, but they seem to be calming down. I’ve recuperated, the family members are doing better, and I owe it to these gentlemen to finally publish the interview. Here we go!

InKarnate Logo Continue reading Inkarnate Entertainment Team Interview

Kickstarter: Mindjammer – The Roleplaying Game

Sarah Newton’s Mindjammer is one of my favorite roleplaying game settings. It’s one of the few transhumanist SF settings which I can wrap my head around. One reason is probably that Sarah’s novel “Mindjammer” is a perfect introduction to this far future world, and a perfect example of how a modern SF novel should be: exciting, cinematic, but also thought-provoking.

The Mindjammer Roleplaying Game, a hardcover book with the full Fate Core rules included, has been out for quite a while now, but Sarah has a lot of exciting ideas for the setting. So she recently started a new Kickstarter which is not only meant to help her fund the release of her latest adventure “The City People” in full-color softback but also as a way to fund future supplement, adventures way into 2016 and beyond.

Within a short few hours the Kickstarter project was funded and eventually reached over 11,000 £ (more than double the initial goal). Stretchgoals include (but are not limited to) a new Mindjammer short stories, maps and handouts for “The City People”, a Mindjammer Player’s Guide, a Mindjammer companion, and even a rulebook that allows you to play in Sarah’s universe using Traveller rules!

If you love Sarah’s work as much as I do, you should definitely give the Kickstarter a look!

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