M42 Orion Nebula, M43, and NGC 1977 complex

Kickstarter: Breachworld

Recently I stumbled upon a Kickstarter project I just had to back! Breachworld is a post-apocalypse kitchen-sink setting using the MiniSix rules. These are already three reasons why this sounds very exciting to me.

Explorers survey ruins in the distance. Art by Amy Ashbaugh.Even though the author Jason Richards (who has worked for Palladium Books before) has stated somewhere (I can’t find the source at the moment) that the game shouldn’t be confused with RIFTS, I definitely get the RIFTS vibe from Breachworld. There are rifts breaches to other worlds through which magic, monsters and all kinds of weird stuff comes into our world.

The artwork and layout mock-ups I’ve seen so far look pretty awesome, the setting reminds me a lot of RIFTS (which is a good thing) and I love the MiniSix rules. At the moment of this writing $4201 have been pledged of the $7500 goal. There are still 26 more days to go, so if you are into weird kitchen-sink setting and rules-lite systems you should check this Kickstarter out.

WotO Part VIII

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part VIII

Two months! My last weekly series of posts was the background to my old Infinities style Star Wars campaign, and that lasted 9 weeks. Here we are, at the eight in the series of my new sci-fi campaign, and I can tell you, it will be longer than nine weeks.

We continue with the fluff for the campaign, this time around three general topics, galactic mapping, banking and in-system communications. Mind you, I am not a scientist, so while I may use some jargon, I’m mainly using these terms for entertainment in a game, excuse me if there is some questionable use of scientific terms here.

If you want to check out the previous post, here is a link to Part VII. I hope you are enjoying the series. As always your comments and sugggestions are welcome, feel free to leve them in the comment section belowl.

VI.  Galactic mapping

The known galaxy, most of it currently under the control of the Union, was explored and colonized over two centuries in a piecemeal fashion. While attempts at creating a grand unified map of the galaxy existed since humanity first took to the stars, this endeavor proved difficult. With varied groups with wildly different interest exploring space, some actively trying to keep their enemies or competitors from following the routes they had mapped in t-space and, there is not one single unifying map of the explored galaxy.

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The End of Starblazer Adventures

Cubicle 7 announced yesterday that they didn’t renew the Starblazer license and so Starblazer Adventures and Legends of Anglerre will be off the shelves at the end of the month.

Starblazer Adventures had a lot of issues. While the game screamed Awesomeness! (with capital A and an exclamation mark), it was poorly organized and sometimes very hard to understand. SBA was the first Fate game I actually ran and I had to read both Diaspora and the much better organized LoA before I actually understood how the game was supposed to work. But aside from its problems it still was a pretty cool game.

Just leafing through this tome of a book gave me thousands of ideas, the artwork ripped from the pages of the British Starblazer comics was extremely fun and inspirational. Starblazer Adventures was one of the first attempts to apply the then latest edition of the Fate rules to the space opera genre, and – if you ignore it’s problems – it did the job pretty well. Even with all its shortcomings Starblazer Adventures was an awesome game for its time and Legends of Anglerre showed how a 2nd Edition of Starblazer Adventures could have looked like.

Alas Cubicle 7 didn’t support both games as well as I hoped. The 2nd Edition of Starblazer Adventures (and at least another setting book) have been announced but never were released. For a while it was incredible hard to access materials like character sheets etc. since the Cubicle 7 website has been in a terrible state for far too long. I don’t excactly why they decided not to renew the license in the end, but I still think both Legends of Anglerre and Starblazer Adventures had a lot of promise, and just needed a bit more support and perhaps some more refinement to really shine.

If you haven’t picked up any of those games yet, there’s still chance. Cubicle 7 has put all SBA/LoA products on sale. In addition to that one former SBA setting survived and has recently be reborn as the stand-alone and Fate Core-based Mindjammer Roleplaying Game. So not all is lost!

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