The “Belated” German Free RPG Day–A Retrospective

Things have been a bit quieter than usual on Stargazer’s World lately. One reason for this is my involvement with a local con which was one of the events that celebrated the German Free RPG Day.

Two years ago a couple of German RPG enthusiasts thought that the time was right to organize a German Free RPG day similar to the Free RPG Day most of you already know and love. It was and still is an attempt to make our hobby more publicly known and help out local shops and gaming clubs. This year one of the regulars of our RPG pub meeting thought it would be great if we organized our own event. Alas the location where the event was meant to be held in was not free on March 15th, so we decided to reschedule to the 22nd.

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WotO Part X

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part X

This is the 10th post on my weekly series detailing my new Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. So far it’s been mostly fluff, except for the post on Aliens and on House Rules. This week I tackle some general topics about the campaign, calendars and time keeping, languages spoken, cybernetics and drugs.

I’ve been sharing these as I’ve been finishing them. Looking back, the presentation has been haphazard, and there is still a ways to go. I’ve got a question for you dear reader… Would you be interested in me compiling all these and sharing them in one document? Would they be useful to you or do you like to search for them in individual posts? And as long as I’m asking, where you ok with me posting a link to a PDF document of the House Rules or are you less likely to read it if it’s not posted on the blog? Let me know what you think on the comments.

Just in case, the link to last week’s post. And now on to what you are here for!

XI. Calendar & Time Keeping

Through humanity’s expansion into the galaxy, many new reckonings have been proposed and established. None have survived very long. Early in mankind’s diaspora to the stars many settlers began new calendars based on important dates such as the establishment of a colony, but the reckoning was only meaningful to locals and its usage confusing to outsiders. The TCGT Courier System continued using the old Earth Gregorian Calendar, also known as the Modern Era reckoning, or ME, common in the Eire-Indo-Nippon Block and the American Alliance. The usage by the TCGT meant that it remained the standard all across the known galaxy and most new reckonings were abandoned in favor of a common timekeeping convention.

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WotO Part IX

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part IX

I have officially reached my mark! My last weekly series of posts about my Star Wars Infinities campaign lasted exactly nine weeks. It seems like it takes sci-fi to get me writing regularly! Sort of appropriate for a blog called Stargazer’s World, but I digress. Like I said last week, we are going for a longer run. Be back next week for part X.

Just in case this is the first of these you read, quick recap… This weekly series covers the background to a sci-fi campaign I’ve been planning for a couple of years, and which is about to begin with my weekly game. Here’s the link to last week’s post, Part VIII. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments!

IX. Religion & Belief

Most old Earth religions still exist in the known galaxy. Many have evolved and changed as humanity travelled the stars. The Catholic Church went through a profound changed as it expanded into the known galaxy. After a profound process of reformation the Catholic Church is currently a very liberal institution, concerned with the causes and needs of the poor and disenfranchised. Women are ordained, priests and priestesses can marry, monks and nuns are missionaries and social activists, even members of other species have been ordained into the priesthood. During this process of change, also known as the Stellar Reformation, many Christian denominations long estranged from the Catholic Church rejoined the institution, so many cardinals and archbishops follow old Earth traditions taken from Baptist, Presbyterian and other denominations.

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