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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XIX

Dear readers, thank you so much for reading this LONG series covering my current Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. With this post I’ll share the last bit of prep I did for the campaign before it started, a little piece of fiction meant as a prelude to our first session. To get all the references you should check out Part XV of the series, where I introduced the ship’s NPCs, and Part XIII and XIV since this prelude closes that loop and brings the action to the players.

We may come to the end of the prep materials, but the series is not done yet. Next week I’ll share with you some forms and sheets I use or adapted for the campaign, and I asked my players if they would be OK with me sharing the character intros they wrote. I have some awesome players and they all went out of their way to write introductions to for their characters. If they say yes that will be the post in two weeks.

And even then, Sci-Fi Fridays! won’t go away. I plan to keep the weekly column alive and tackle some other sci-fi rpg topics. So if you have any suggestions, make sure you send them my way!


Adventure 1 – The Yahza Affair

Session 1.1 – A new passenger

Exeter 01


The voice over the ship’s comm system was cool and collected.

“Exeter, your transponder code has been corroborated, you are clear for docking. Proceed to Berth 9.”

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Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XVIII

As I mentioned two weeks ago, we are on the last leg of the Wanderers of the Outlands material (even if I wrote another piece of fiction for my players this week). Last week I took a break and shared an interview with the creator of the Future Armada series I’ve been referencing. This week it’s part 2 of the Journeyman’s Gazette, an in game publication, part newspaper, and part classified ads.

This second part is the bonus content for the Journeyman’s Gazette, a Quadrant Guide to the area of space where the characters are currently adventuring in. Some of the terms used at the end of the quadrant guide are taken from the Star Frontiers books in case they look familiar. They might not be the most scientifically accurate, but they are my tribute to one of my old favorites, and they work for my purposes. I hope you enjoy this. See you all next week!

The Journeyman’s Gazette, Part 2

Bonus Content

[Loading Quadrant Guide… Price – O.00 UC, Included in Journeyman’s Guild Membership]

 Quadrant RW-2-B.7: D Guide, AKA Outland Quadrant D

WotO Quadrant D

This Quadrant Guide is compiled from survey data and the input of our correspondents all over the Union. While we try to keep the data as updated as possible, we cannot guarantee with certainty that the notes and observations of our correspondents are accurate. The information in the system data and planetary data observations section includes the opinions of the individual correspondents. If you have information that could help update the data in this guide, please contact your local Journeyman’s Guild Chapter librarian.

There is an explanation of terms used in the following guide at the end of this document. Continue reading


Fate Accelerated Idea: Fallout

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might have read my posts about the Fallout game I’ve been running with Fudge. Recently I looked into switching from Fudge to Fate Core or probably even Fate Accelerated. So you might be wondering why the change? Why not keep running Fudge?

I actually intended to use Fate in the first place but then got cold feet. I just thought a more classic game might be easier for me to handle as a GM. Now that I’ve been reading Fate Core, Fate Accelerated and the more recent Atomic Robo RPG thoroughly I thought I should give Fate another try.

Instead of messing too much with Fate Core I decided to basically use Fate Accelerated and borrow an idea from Green Ronin’s Fate Freeport Companion. In Green Ronin’s variant of Fate they use D&D’s iconic attributes (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) instead of Fate Core’s skills. So instead of using Fate Accelerated’s approaches we’ll be using the attributes from Fallout’s SPECIAL system.

I also intend to use Weapon and Armor Ratings as detailed in the Fate Core rulebook page 277. I still have to think about which weapon or armor should get which rating but that should be easily done.

I even created a character sheet inspired by the awesome one Teo Tayobobayo posted at the Fate Core Google+ community. Here it is:


If you are an experienced Fate GM and if you have any tips for me, please post below! As always every comment is highly appreciated.

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