The WEG Fan Forums are back online

Some of you may have noticed that the West End Games Fan Forums have been down for several hours while they were transferred to a new server. But it seems the forum is back online although a few things are not working as they should. But I am pretty sure that the site’s administrator “The Game Guy” will have everything up and running in no time.

If you are even remotely interested in the games WEG published in the past (like TORG, Star Wars, etc.) you should check the forums out. It’s a nice and helpful community there and you can talk freely about your ideas for the D6 System, discuss the future of TORG or share your stories from Paranoia there.

By the way, Eric Gibson (aka hellsreach), the current owner of WEG is a regular poster on that forum. And according to what he posted recently, we will get another update on the future of WEG and the D6 System soon.

Fun with Wordle

While I was sitting in my office, drinking coffee and waiting for inspiration, I played around with Wordle. Wordle is a free service that creates word clouds out of RSS feeds, texts or tags. The following image is a word cloud I created from my blog’s RSS feed. Enjoy!

Stargazer's World word cloud
Please note
: Images of Wordles are licensed Creative Commons License.

Wizards’ new GSL

The word spread like wildfire: the new GSL is out. When I checked the latest posts at the RPG Bloggers Network this morning, I noticed several posts about this topic already. So far Mad Brew Labs was the only one discussing the changes, while the others just mentioned it’s release. 

From what I’ve seen not much has changed aside from the fact that companies are now allowed to produce products under GSL and OGL which was prohibited in the old GSL. And the GSL still doesn’t mention fan sites or magazines. So I am pretty sure Level Up, the 4E magazine by Goodman Games is probably using a special license agreement with Wizards of the Coast and not the GSL.

From how I understand it, the new GSL is better than the old one, but it’s still complicated in a few places. But as I said before, I am no lawyer. So Scott Rouse already fulfilled one half of his promise: the new GSL is finally out. But the Fan Site Policy (the other half of his promise) is still missing!

We don’t need a special license for the fans, just give us a few guidelines what’s ok, and what’s not and please use proper english and not this legalese that noone in his right mind (aside from lawyers of course) understands.

Just my two cents…

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