Alpha Omega review @ Gnome Stew


A few minutes ago I noticed a new post at Gnome Stew that at once grabbed my attention. It was the review of an awesome looking game called “Alpha Omega” and a handy guide on how to start running this game as a GM.
If you have some interest in post-apocalyptic roleplaying games, you should really check that post out. And even if you don’t like the genre, the GMing tips in that post are worth the read any time!



You probably already know that I love to try out new features for my blog. Some time ago I read about Simple:Press forum and I had to try it out. Today I finally set a small forum up that you can now use to discuss the blog, roleplaying games, whatever you wish actually. Check it out and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: I have disabled the forums.

UPDATE #2: I reactivated the forums.



As you may have noticed these blog uses a ratings plugin that allows readers to rate each post from 1 to 5 stars. I added this feature to give my readers another opportunity for feedback. But alas it is not used as I as hoped.

So, why should you rate the posts in the first place? To give me a hint on how you liked that post. Not everyone likes to write comments and rating a post is a simple way of expressing your thoughts. You thought that the post was just awesome, then give it five stars. And if you think it was abysmal, just vote 1 star. So it’s easier for me to see what kind of posts you liked, where I have to improve things.

I just ask you to give me some hint on where to improve my blog. And if you have some more elaborate ideas, on what I could do to make “Stargazer’s World” a more interesting place, feel free to write down your comments or contact me via the contact form on the about page. Thanks!

And by the way, there are some posts that still need some love, so check them out, while you are at it. 😉

UPDATE: The Ratings plugin didn’t want to cooperate with my new theme, so I had it shot!

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