Ask The Readers: Shall I Give Shadowrun 5th Edition Another Chance?

Recently I had the chance to play in a Shadowrun 3rd Edition game. We initially planned to play something else, but one of the players couldn’t make it, so we decided to play a one-shot using another system. The other two players and I quickly decided that Shadowrun could be fun.

I always loved to play the game, even though I am no fan of the rules. With the help of the GM I quickly built a pretty cool character: a Japanese-American adept who primarily fights with his two heavy pistols and wears expensive armored clothing looking like an executive’s suit. I’m not sure how viable this character will be in the long run, but for a one-shot he was fun to play.

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(Almost) Back to the roots: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition

As I’ve mentioned several times before, the first roleplaying game I’ve played was TORG but the first campaign I played in was a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition one. And believe it or not, this old green tome still contains one of my favorite roleplaying games. Last week I had a very long conversation with someone I met at our RPG pub meetings.

We were talking about what we could play together and for a moment we actually considered D&D 5th Edition, since the Basic rules PDF came out on that day. But then one of us – I don’t remember who it was – mentioned WFRP. And guess what – it was actually his first roleplaying game, too. That was quite a surprise since most German roleplayers started with The Dark Eye (aka Das Schwarze Auge). So we decided that I should run WFRP. At first I planned to go all nostalgic and use the 1st edition, but then I remembered how bad especially the magic rules were in that edition and we decided to use the 2nd edition rules.

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Fantasy Fridays

Fantasy Fridays! Ask the readers, Pathfinder RPG House Rules?

Hello readers! Sorry for another skipped week RL and all that. I’m very interested in continuing my contributions to the blog with at least one post a week. Let’s do this…

You’ll notice I’ve switched around the title, this week it’s Fantasy Fridays! Don’t worry, my sci-fi campaign continues apace, and I’m very happy with it. However, the major prep for that campaign is done, and while I continue to write and create for the Wanderers of the Outlands campaign, I’ve got to start prepping for the next campaign.

That may sound crazy, but it’s part of my method, and I’ve blogged about it before. Once a campaign is running I begin to plan for the next one parallel to the one I’m running. I don’t devote that much time to it, about 25% of my prep time goes to future campaigns. Right now I’m on the stage where I try to decide what games I’m interested in running so I can share some preliminaries with my players and gage their interest.

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