RPG a Day 2016: The KICK! Principle – Day 13

Saturday once more, we’re almost done with week two, and today we touch on a topic near and dear to my heart, campaigns. It’s also a topic I’ve written about before here in the blog, and in Facebook and Twitter on occasion, but the subject keeps coming up in conversations with friends, so I think it’s worth reiterating.  Today’s #RPGaDay 2016 challenge question is:

August 13: What makes a successful campaign?

Most of you are probably know the KISS principle, it stands for: Keep It Simple Stupid. I first heard that from my 10th grade English teacher with relation to a writing assignment (Not too flattering calling your students stupid!), only learning later of the principle’s origin. I have my own version of it for what makes a campaign successful, the KICK! Principle. Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: The KICK! Principle — Day 13

RPG a Day 2016: What to play next? – Day 12

It’s Friday, and I’m in love… with #RPGaDay 2016! Let’s ponder about the future.

August 12: What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?

I haven’t talked about this with my players… I keep a document with all my campaign ideas, suffice it to say it is pretty long and varied. I’ve never stopped running fantasy games, that’s  my bread and butter, but in recent years I’ve run both a long running superhero and sci-fi campaign, a zombie themed mini-campaign, a d20 Modern short campaign, and a Star Wars alternate timeline campaign nine years ago, a pretty varied bunch of campaign. I’m itching to try my hand at a campaign set in a modern time with some weirdness thrown in. I have various options I’m considering… Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: What to play next? — Day 12

RPG a Day 2016: And the most influential player award goes to… – Day 11

Welcome back reader. This year’s #RPGaDay 2016 is going by so quickly. It is amazing the amount of posts, videos, responses out there on the Internet. It is amazing to see how the community gets behind this idea! To me it’s also been a great challenge, it’s made me blog regularly again, and that’s always a good thing. Today’s topic is one I’ve been pondering about since I went over this year’s list. Probably the one I’ve given most thought so far, and it is:

August 11: Which gamer that you have played with has most affected the way that you play?

To pick only one! I’ve played with so many people, many of them for years, than to pick just one is really hard. Luis Miranda taught me to know things can always get worse, and prepare for it, Luis Alvarado challenged me to better know the rules and create effective challenges, Luis Lao to go deeper in the story, Pierre Anthony that the games we play can sometimes break our hearts, Sara Ivette that these stories have consequences on people’s feelings. Then there is Hector, Carlos, Fernan, José, Gary, Misael, Piwie, Sammy, and so many more, each taught me a lesson. And if that covers such a wide range it is because I game with some pretty amazing people, they all have their idiosyncrasies, and I’m sure we’ve all gotten on each other’s nerves at some time, but we’re all great friends and that is in part because of the bonds we share over this hobby of ours! Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: And the most influential player award goes to… — Day 11

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