Review: Okult

A lot of horror stories begin with the protagonists returning to their hometown and end by them confronting the terrible secret lurking there. Think of Stephen King’s IT or the recent movie The World’s End. Wilhelm Person’s storygame Okult uses that very same premise.

Each player in this GM-less storygame plays an adult who has returned to his hometown after many years of being away. Over the course of one game the player characters meet, reminisce about their teenage years (in the form of flashbacks), and slowly uncover the secret of their hometown.

The 36-paged rulebook shines because of Wilhelm Person’s awesome writing and the terrific photos it uses to set the mood of the game. And it’s a joy to read through the extensive game play examples.

What sets Okult apart from most other games I’ve reviewed in the past is that it can be played without a GM, has almost no rules, and uses no dice. It’s a storygame by heart, where the players have full control over the story. The rules give some guidelines how to create your hometown, how to escalate the story towards an exciting and terrifying climax, and how to frame scenes and flashbacks.

Especially if you are new to storygames I recommend giving Okult a look. What I really like about the game is the premise and the great and unpretentious writing. The game is available as Pay-What-You-Want on RPGNow.

WoO Part 2

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part II

And we’re back for the new weekly series Sci-Fi Fridays! On this series I’m sharing the background, mostly fluff for now, for my upcoming sci-fi campaign. I’m revising materials, working on the campaign’s final details, and as I’m putting together what will come in the weeks ahead I’ve decided there will be some fiction, player questionnaires and my house rules for Savage Worlds. That last bit I’m revising based on the newly released Sci-Fi Companion. I’m halfway through the book and hope to write a proper review next week.

If you missed last week’s post, click here to learn more about the setting of the campaign the Outlands, On that post you can also find the links to previous posts about the campaign. This week’s topic is Space Travel. I’ve mentioned him a couple of times recently, but I want to thank my friend Luis Miranda for his feedback and suggestions for the campaign, as well as Ramón Luis Rivera who is helping me develop aspects of the campaign. Kudos to you both, perhaps you are not playing at out metaphorical table right now, but your presence is felt my friends.

And now we are off to space!

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The new Obsidian Portal: A first look

A while ago, Obsidian Portal has undergone a massive relaunch. The way the site looks and works has changed tremendously. Earlier this month I have been contacted by the people running Obsidian Portal and was asked if I was interested in reviewing the site. I have played around with Obsidian Portal in the past, but never done anything serious with it, so I decided to use it for releasing my Fallout Fudged rules.

So what does Obsidian Portal offer to its users? On OP you can create a site for your campaigns which features a blog (called Adventure Log), forums, a wiki, a calendar for scheduling game sessions, digital character sheets and many more. Alas the forums and calendar are for paying customers only. And if you don’t pay for OP’s services everything you create is public.

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