Hell froze over: I’m going to give the next D&D a chance

During the last couple of days and weeks more information about the upcoming D&D trickled in. I was actually very surprised that there will be a D&D Basic box set for a very low price that contains everything you need to run a couple of games between level 1 and 5. I was even more surprised when I learned that this Basic edition of the game will actually be available as a free download. Wow! It seems Wizards has done something right for a change.

I have to admit, that their marketing strategy worked on me. A boxed set for about $20 will not hit my wallet to hard and still allows me to give the game a try. Heck, if I don’t want to give them my money at all, I can still get the PDF version. And if the game is any good I will eventually buy the slightly overpriced full game later. *sigh*

So why do I even bother? The reason is two-fold. For one it’s D&D. It’s the grand daddy of all the other RPGs out there and even though I was never a huge D&D fan, I owned and played all the editions starting from AD&D 2nd Edition on. And some of the things I’ve seen during the playtest didn’t look so bad, so why not give it a chance. It might even be fun. The hefty price of 50$ times three for the full package was definitely putting me off, but you can’t argue with the low price of the Basic set. The other reason is that – as a blogger – I feel I should cover many different games and I shouldn’t leave out the new D&D completely.

So what is your stance on the new D&D? Will you give it a chance or have you already decided to skip this edition? Please share your thoughts below!

WotO Part XX

Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XX

Welcome back reader. Last week was the end of the materials I prepared for my Savage Worlds sci-fi campaign. This week we played our third session and I am incredibly excited about how the game is going. As a motivator to get players writing session summaries I dangled the carrot of an extra bennie for the player that wrote it. My player came back and offered to write summaries in a round robin fashion, and the idea of a communal extra bennie if the session summary is written. I agreed and the idea has taken off. Following Sara’s suggestion we created a notebook in OneNote and shared it online. Players have been posting in character summaries, started discussions, reflections. Amazing! I truly have a wonderful group of players sitting at my table.

Here are the rules we are using for the summaries and extra communal bennie:

Ship’s Log – Rules and Rewards

As per player feedback and request and the after game discussion on 05-20-2014 I rewrote the Ship’s Log Rules:

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Saturday Special: Fate rocks!

Yesterday evening I ran my first Fate Accelerated Edition game. Ok, it was not exactly FAE as written, but instead of FAE’s approaches we used the attributes of Fallout’s SPECIAL system as skills. Aside from that, we basically used the rules as written.

Creating characters and giving an overview over the rules took about three hours, but we also squeezed dinner and an episode of “Legend of Korra” into it. Coming up with cool and fitting aspects was a breeze. Creating cool and (not overpowered) stunts was a bit more tricky, but I am very happy with how everything turned out.

What surprised me the most is how easily we got into using all aspects of Fate (pun intended). For some reason it really felt very natural. My players created advantages, used all kinds of aspects (from character one’s to situation ones), we had a couple of cool compels, and everyone was really enjoying themselves.

I am sure we mangled a couple of rules and in several situations I just used some handwaving. But since we all had a lot of fun doing so, I really don’t mind. Still, I think I’ll give the rules another thorough look before our next session – just in case.

Overall my players and I enjoy the switch to Fate and we are already considering going full Fate Core as soon as we are comfortable with the core concepts. Using just the seven attributes from Fallout works, but there were several situations where a higher granularity would have been nice.

But one thing is sure: FATE ROCKS!

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