RPG a Day 2016: Hobby Mix & Match – Day 26


After today there are only five days to go on this year’s #RPGaDay 2016! August has paradoxically seemed to fly by in some ways and just drag on in others. I’m writing these last posts as I get ready to take some days off and take a trip, the big news has to do with that. I’ll share the details with you before this series of posts is over, don’t worry. The topic today is hobbies, specifically hobbies that complement the hobby of role-playing games.

August 26: What hobbies go well with RPGs?

The official question list here explains further: “What other hobbies have beneficial effects in a roleplaying game group?”

Magic Crochet Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: Hobby Mix & Match – Day 26

RPG a Day 2016: A Matter of Character – Day 25


Back to our regular schedule! We’re on the home stretch. As August draws to a close, #RPG a Day 2016 is near its end for this year, and I’m in the midst of getting ready for something important. I hinted at it yesterday, but today’s not the day I’m telling you about it. Instead today the topic is all about characters, specifically…

August 25: What makes for a good character?

This question can be answered from three different perspectives, as a game master, as player a, and as a fellow player. Allow me to get a little philosophical and tackle the subject in that order.

Character Concept

The answer as a GM may be a little trite, as it’s usually this, a good backstory! To a certain degree that’s true, as GMs we weave stories together from the character’s backgrounds, motivations, goals and the campaign elements such as the history, the NPCs, conflicts, etc.). An uninteresting, or worse nonexistent, character background really limits the tools you have in your toolbox. Not all GMs integrate a character’s backstory into the game, but for me that’s an integral part of what makes a campaign significant for the players and interesting for me. Of course, there can be such a thing as too much story! Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: A Matter of Character – Day 25

RPG a Day 2016: Quadruple Threat! Days 21, 22, 23 & 24


Sorry for the absence gals and guys! After all the boasting of not giving up on #RPGaDay 2016 my three day absence probably had you thinking I had done just that. What can I say? A combination of work, an infirm elderly family member, and an upcoming important event (More on that in a future post; does this qualify as vague-blogging?) just made it impossible for me to post anything since Sunday. So I’m catching up for the last three days and today. Let’s not delay any longer, on with the last few topics for RPG a Day 2016. Continue reading RPG a Day 2016: Quadruple Threat! Days 21, 22, 23 & 24

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