Map for my Dungeonslayers campaign

Since my group wants to continue playing Dungeonslayers, I’ve decided to create a small campaign world to play in. It’s nothing fancy of course but it’s just enough information to use as a nice backdrop for a dungeon delving campaign. And since we want to keep up a light-hearted approach to roleplaying, I’ve added a few eastereggs, made sure the names were at least a bit cheesy and even included hommages to Gary Gygax, the creator of DS, Christian Kennig, and D&D. Check out the map I created this morning with the simple map creation tool that came with the AD&D Core Rules CD-ROM. Although this tool is quite old and lacks a lot of features it’s still the best way to create simple campaign maps.

DS Campaign Map

The map shows the kingdom of Sturmfeste (Stormhold). The town Belseburg is the place where my group fought those rats and destroyed the altar of the rat king. You will probably remember that from my last post. The world itself is of my creation but I will probably rip-off a few elements from my favorite MMO World of Warcraft. So expect some gun-wielding dwarves, tech-tinkering goblins and an army of orcs coming through some wierd portal…

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  1. I’m going back and reading some of your oldest posts and ran into this. Even before I read the post I knew the map was done with the old AD&D Core Rules CD! I still use that to make campaign maps. My D&D, now Pathfinder, campaign has been running on a world I created back in 1988, and the current group has been gaming there since 1993. Back when I got the Core Rules CD I started making my campaign maps with it and it has become a tradition. My players actually EXCPECT the maps to look like this!

    What a treat to see your map.

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