Chronicles of the Four Dragons

Chinese God of War Chronicles is one of the many game designs I have floating around on my hard disk. And like most of these abandoned projects, it’s totally untested, probably extremely unbalanced and unfinished. But it was great fun to write! 😀

Chronicles is a rules-lite, anime-style fantasy game which uses a pretty easy dice pool system and four classes: the Warrior which is attuned to Earth, the Archer which uses Air magic, the Monk who draws his power from Water and the Sorcerer who is a master of Fire magic.

Today I stumbled upon my manuscript, made some minor layout tweaks and created a PDF you can download here. I don’t intend to anything with it in the foreseeable future, but perhaps there is someone out there who can put it to some good use.

One thought on “Chronicles of the Four Dragons”

  1. Interesting little game… I’ve never been a BIG fan of Asiatic themed games. But recently my campaign has two characters from a region of the campaign which has elements similar to the Asian continent. I’ve found myself exploring themes and concepts from those cultures. While I may not use the game as is, it gave me some GREAT ideas. Thank you!

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