5 thoughts on “Are we DMs really that weird?”

  1. I may have threatened my dice a few times but I don't recall ever punishing any dice.

    Hmmm, maybe my dice misbehave because I've never carried through and made an example of one of the pip-squeaks.

  2. AH! Killing Dice! That's not cool! You don't punish or kill dice if they are misbehaving you either give them MORE dice love (a nice cozy crown royal bag of their own, or at worst put them aside and choose another die to give attention to! I love my dice, still have all my dice I've ever bought (if I loose one I stop everything until I get it back or find it). Dice are your friends not your enemies! There is even a proper way to roll them! I love DICE! Might be the reason when I played craps for the first time at a casino I rolled 28 consecutive times in a row as a winning streak (hit numbers that weren't the point, then hit the point, then would roll 7 on the opening and win for everyone, then start the point and the process repeated many many time) and was tipped $1000 bucks in chips by a guy who had a whole rack of them by the end of my roll. Also got a lot of high fives all around. Yep good times.

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  3. I prefer the KODT method suggested where you roll al the dice until they've all rolled their maximum a sort of die exorcism if you will.

    Still tend to lose dice so switched to an all yellow variety, figure it was the only way to reduce losing them… so far no change on that score!

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