Stargazer’s World Book Club reminder…

We are past the half of the month and consequently past the half way point of our first book club reading. As posted at the beginning of this month the official selection for our first virtual book club discussion was the DC Adventures RPG. By the end of the month I’ll write a post about my initial impression of the book and we can begin a discussion in the comments of the posts.

If you are already reading the book, hope everything is going well. I’m past the middle of the book and trying to stay on target despite an unexpected workload. Everything is going great and I’m looking forward to the discussion. I’m also looking for someone that plays, or played, older editions of DC based role playing games so we can have a discussion about those games as well.

If you are interested in hosting next month’s virtual book club leave a message here in the post, or contact me privately, so we can begin planning. If you have not yet begun you are still in time to join us and participate in the discussion at the end of the month.

Have fun everybody!

One thought on “Stargazer’s World Book Club reminder…”

  1. I’ve been reading through the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook simply because I’m a huge comic nerd who also loves RPGs. When I saw that it was the book that made the cut for this month’s virtual book club I was pretty stoked. I’ll be back to contribute my 2 cents when you post your article at month’s end.

    As an avid reader of fantasy fiction, I’m nominating Dungeon’s Master as the host of next month’s virtual book club. I’ll likely push for something new from Wizards of the Coast. I just picked up a bunch of new novels including the new Drizzt book, Gauntlgrym from Salvatore, the latest Eberron book from Keith Baker and the first all new Dark Sun novel, City Under the Sand. Plenty of good reading coming up in November.

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