Lazy Friday Video post: “John Carter of Mars – Full Trailer”

Yes, I know this is quite off-topic, but damn, this movie is looking better and better everytime they throw a few new scraps at us. I loved the book and it looks like the movie will be quite epic, too.

Of course they took some artistic liberties and even before I saw the first footage I was pretty sure that Disney wouldn’t let Dejah Thoris run around half-naked as she did in the book. 😉

By the way, is there actually an “official” Barsoom RPG? I am sure the world would make an interesting background for a roleplaying game. And the planetary romance genre is not as overdone as some other genres out there.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Friday Video post: “John Carter of Mars – Full Trailer””

  1. TSR had a non-RPG barsoom game back in the 80’s. That’s as far as I know for sure of an actual 100% barsoom game (as opposed to barsoom inspired games like the Mars sourcebooks for GURPS and/or Savage Worlds … or fan-published barsoom rules for Savage Worlds, etc.).

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