Let’s do the no elves… again!

I’m doing a bit of post necromancy here; over 5 years ago I posted about Talislanta. It was a trip down memory lane, and you can read the original post for all the details. Let me tell you how I got here.

Talislanta dance

Yesterday Michael posted about the beta rules for the new edition of Traveller from Mongoose Publishing, which got me thinking about old school games so I visited a Facebook group on Old School games to see what people thought about it. Turns out there was no discussion about it there, but I participated in a couple of discussions, and found out that the official Talislanta site recently posted a bit of important news, they have almost all the Talislanta books available for download, including the Italian and German editions. That’s a pretty impressive collection!

So if you want to discover what Talislanta is all about, head over to their downloads page and enjoy. Let me know what you think… Did you play Talislanta? What did you think?

And as my friend Rodney from Game Master Toolbox would say “Still not using the word elves, but they got them!”

Talislanta Rodney

5 thoughts on “Let’s do the no elves… again!”

  1. I never got into Talislanta, but I did get into the other Bard Games game… Atlantis: The Second Age. And that was recently re-written and re-published by Khepera. They did a kickstarter and everything. The PDFs can be bought via DriveThru.

  2. The old edition was like …. one of the many pseudo-AD&D games of the 1980’s that was more than just the same game with the serial numbers filed off, but also had some kind of pointless differences. If TSR had been willing to license D&D back in the day, it would have been better to just do a licensed D&D setting.

    The new edition is a completely redesigned system (completely new author). I haven’t actually played it, I just own it. Haven’t even had time to read it. But it’s supposedly fast paced and fun.

    But the setting has always been one of my favorites. I muse about it frequently :-} You’ll find elements that could work with Conan and similar levels/styles of pulp sword & sorcery adventures. Almost every legendary continent is present (Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, etc.). And it’s all woven together in a way I just love :-}

    (disclaimer: I contributed to Atlantis Theragraphica (the Atlas); there’s a paragraph about a place called IX — that was my contribution via a Kickstarter pledge level)

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