Sunglar’s Savage House Rules, Part 2!

Hello dear reader! This is a follow up to a previous post where I shared a Savage Worlds House Rules document I was working on. You can read the reasons why this came about on the original post. This is the latest version, the 9th draft I finished in December last year. I added some illustrations for good measure and might get back to working on it in a few weeks, but I wanted to share it with our readers to get any feedback or ideas you may have. Here is the link to the file:

Savage Worlds Sunglar’s House Rules (Draft 9 – Illustrated)

I’m also sharing a revised character sheet and damage track, and a cheat sheet, I had created for my Wanderers of the Outlands campaign. Originally shared in this post, back then they were adapted to the house rules I was using in the campaign, but I have since revised them to work with Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition. These documents DO not use the House Rules presented above and are meant to be used with the standard system rules.

Sunglar’s Savage Worlds Cheat Sheet 1.5

Sunglar’s Savage Worlds Character Sheet ver. 4

Sunglar’s Damage Track and Effects ver. 3

I hope you find them useful, and as always, I welcome your ideas, criticisms and observations in the comments. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Sunglar’s Savage House Rules, Part 2!”

  1. I also haven’t been able to get over, in my head, how stats have no direct impact on skills. It’s always been a mental stumbling point for me with the rules and after what 10+ years it still keeps me from diving 100% into the game despite it being a great ruleset.

    So I’ve only skimmed over your house rules doc and read a small parts of it (Parry & Evade), but am I missing something? As I don’t see anything in your house rules covering new ways in which Stats can effect Skills.

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