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tremulus Sneak Peek

Earlier today Sean Preston of Reality Blurs released a sneak peek of tremulus with his latest Kickstarter update in the form of the The Heir playbook. The Heir is actually the character I played during playtest. 🙂

The Heir page 1 The Heir page 2

The Kickstarter is still going strong: five stretch goals have been met and $24,421 have been pledged so far. But I really hope we’ll hit the $30,000 stretch goal soon. The Asylum expansion to Ebon Eaves sounds extremely cool!

From The Mouth Of Madness: Sean Preston Talks About tremulus

Tremulus During this blog’s history I’ve written several times about games Reality Blurs’ Sean Preston worked on. In 2010 during Gen Con I first had the opportunity to meet him in person. In 2011 I finally managed to do an interview with him, in which we talked about Agents of Oblivion which had just been released back then.

While I am writing these lines Sean’s latest project is getting funded at Kickstarter. Last Monday he launched a Kickstarter to fund tremulus, his storytelling game of Lovecraftian Horror. Especially the first day was extremely exciting. Tremulus met its goal and the first stretch goal in under 24 hours! I am very excited about this upcoming game and I thought you might be as well, so I asked Sean if he were interested in joining us for another interview.

Stargazer: Hi, Sean! It’s good to have you on Stargazer’s World again. The tremulus Kickstarter has been quite a ride thus far. Don’t you agree?

Sean: Hello, Michael. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response! Kickstarter made it a Staff Pick, featured it on the blog, and people are buzzing about it across the social media platforms. I should probably calm down, and try to sleep sometime, but I’m too jazzed right now. Heck, the whole team is!

Stargazer: I’ve been playing cheerleader for tremulus for a while now, but perhaps you could tell us what tremulus is about with your own words. What is tremulus and what sets it apart from other games you have worked on before?

Sean: tremulus is a storytelling game of Lovecraftian horror. It is described as a semi-improvisational game where you and your friends craft a story made of nightmare and events unfold before everyone’s eyes. It’s based on Vince Baker’s Apocalypse World Engine and is influenced by elements of Fiasco and Fate. In tremulus, I wrote it with a style completely different from anything I had written before. When developing support materials for other products, you have certain parameters and expectations you need to adhere to organizationally. In this instance, I was uncaged. I could structure and organize it however I saw fit and took steps to present it in a fashion for both new and experienced gamers (such as introducing term early on, include lots of examples in a central area, and so on). Ultimately, this game allows everyone to enter a shared space to build a horror game together, so, on the story level, it provides parameters but doesn’t get into the intricate details present in some of my other work. I’ve taken all the lessons I’ve learned from design and development, and have put them together in one space.

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tremulus Kickstarter

IT’S ALIVE! This is the moment I have been waiting for a long time. Just a few moments ago, Reality Blur’s Sean Preston hit the button to launch the Kickstarter project for tremulus, his new “storytelling game of lovecraftian horror”. If you want to learn more about tremulus, check out my playtest report or check out the Kickstarter page. For it’s the game I have been anticipating most this year and I hope that Sean reaches his goal of $5000 in no time!

As soon as I get my next paycheck I’ll put my money where my mouth is and support this fine project!