[German RPGs] “Das Schwarze Auge” 1st Edition in English

Das Schwarze Auge Recently commenter Elias Eight requested an overview article about German RPGs. I really think this could be an interesting topic for a series of posts, so I started doing some research on the issue. And while doing so, I stumbled upon an unofficial English translation of the 1st edition rules of “Das Schwarze Auge” (aka The Dark Eye).

"Das Schwarze Auge” was one of the first German roleplaying games and for a long time it was the most commercially successful RPG on the German market. When I remember correctly, I only played it once, but I actually own a PDF copy of the 4th Edition that came with the Drakensang computer game. When time permits, I will write a short review of this edition of DSA as part of my German RPG series.

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  1. Fantastic,

    I really wanted a close look at the German rpg-scene. I come just from across the eastern border of that fine country and it's just a disgrace how little of the original German rpgs managed to seep through. Even the mighty Shwarze Auge was shamefully neglected. Although inquisitive budding rpg fan (like yours truly) would have discovered that behind the computer games of Blade of Destiny cycle lies a deeper fascinating dimension. Instead the first official generation of our players wandered the perilous lands of the Old World. It could easily have been so much different, it could have been Aventuria. But that's a tale for different occasion…

    Thanks Stargazer I look forward to more.

  2. I have to admit I have almost no first-hand experience of most German RPGs myself, probably because my first gaming group focused on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. But I've played Space Gothic, "Plüsch, Power & Plunder" and even a single session of ERPS and DSA respectively. But for my series of upcoming articles I will try to delve deeper into German RPGs.

  3. I remember playing a couple of sessions of Das Schwarze Auge at Uni (way too many moons ago!) – good clean fantasy fun.

    I remember the adventure had quite an emphasis on puzzles which was a diversion from the usual kill n' loot 1E we were playing.

    Would be nice to see how things have evolved. 🙂
    .-= satyre´s last blog ..winter warmer (review: kobold quarterly 12) =-.

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