Kickstarter: “Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen”

12ed35bdaa81da651885b0b31f3c96a6_largeSavage Mojo’s Tommy Brownell contacted me a while ago and informed me about a Kickstarter they are running.

They are raising money over Kickstarter in order to be able to create two books, one for Pathfinder and the other for Savage Worlds, and a wide variety of accessories from character cards to a full soundtrack.

The Tomb of the Lich Queen is a deadly dungeon which serves as a prison for an angel called Anat. For about two-thousand years the evil Lich Queen has held the angel captive and the tomb has lured in many heroes who failed to rescue the angel.

The initial goal of $5,000 has already been met, but if they can reach the stretch goals Savage Mojo will be able not only to turn it into a whole trilogy but ultimately release it as a boxed set.

The deadline is October 14th and if you are into old-school dungeon crawls you should at least check it out.

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter: “Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen””

  1. As soon as I saw this article, I went over and pledged. I love the idea of the game material itself … and the fact that they’re supporting multiple game mechanics? That’s just extra-compelling!

    I really hope you guys make the $15k mark. I strongly look forward to seeing the whole trilogy.

  2. They’ve got 3 days left to get the complete trilogy funded. They’re about 90% of the way there ($13,400+ out of $15,000). Any chance you’ll do another post to cheer lead them into the home stretch? :-)

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