Kickstarter: Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition

Some of you might actually already have heard about this, but I thought I’d share it anyway. Modiphius, the publisher who has brought us the excellent Achtung! Cthulhu setting for Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu, is currently running a Kickstarter for the third edition of Mutant Chronicles. Yes, you read that right, Mutant Chronicles is back!

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition

Back in the 1990s Mutant Chronicles was a game I was extremely excited about. The setting combines Sci Fi, horror, and post-apocalyptic elements. Some aspects reminded me of Warhammer 40K, but that was actually a good thing. But it was still unique and original enough to stand on its own feet.

Alas the rules (especially the 1st edition ones) were not exactly to my liking, and I always felt that the setting had a couple of holes and inconsistencies. But I am confident that Modiphius’ 3rd Edition will fix this issues.

The Kickstarter’s goal was set at £11,000 which had been reached extremely fast. At the time of this writing several stretch goals have been reached and you still have about 25 days to decide if you want to back this project or not.

Mutant Chronicles KS

To learn more about Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition, check out its Kickstarter project page.

6 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition”

  1. My favorite RPG setting of all time. I was in on the Warzone revival a few months ago, and when I heard Chris had the rights to the RPG I started waiting (semi-patiently) for this kickstarter to come together. I jumped into this one within hours of the opening 🙂

  2. For me it’s ridiculously priced just for reboot with one or two new books, and a few additions to the old ones. Getting it all in print for ~300 GBP?! Jesus it’s a steal.

    1. It’s not just a few additions. It’s an entirely new part of the timeline that hasn’t been explored in the RPG at all, before now (the first emergence of the dark symmetry). And that new era has all new artwork requirements as well, plus they’re going into the starship side of the setting (especially in the older era) … which is both new mechanics and new artwork, as well as new setting material.

      It’s also not just getting it back in print, for the classic timeline material, they’ve been cleaning up the rules and mechanics, doing play tests for months. So, the mechanics are going to be at least somewhat new as well.

      If you really think it’s just one or two new books, and a few additions to the old ones, just go for the “Print Master” pledge level — £60 gets you the new core rule book (with the new era material), the players guide, and _everything_ in PDF (so you can just print out whatever you think is a necessary “few additions”, and shove them into your copies of the old books). There you go, 1/5 of the price you said, and you don’t have to pay for books you think are going to be largely unchanged.

      But, if you’re not sure about it, don’t pledge. Wait to see the finished product after the KS is done.

  3. I have no idea what your problem is. You get way more than just one or two more books for the higher pledge levels and noone forces you to back the KS.

    1. The problem is that now, by the end of the kickstarter they are making some huge changes to the beta mechanics, according to the latest reports:, so for me it’s completely pointless in backing this project as Modiphius turned out to be unreliable. They’re not going to deliver us a third edition of the MC, some kind of.. overpriced Warhammerish Chronicles. Maybe its unfair? Maybe, but that’s how I see it.

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