Dungeoncraft: The map

I am still working on my next episode of “Dungeoncraft” but I wanted to give you a small gift that should make waiting easier: the original map! It’s a photo I made with my iPhone, so don’t expect to many details. You get a bigger version of the map by clicking onto the thumbnail below.

Some of the names are probably a bit strange and you may notice a lot of dwarven clans in the north. When I started this project years ago I was still planning to include several races like elves and dwarves into the campaign. And actually after thinking about it for a while elves and dwarves could actually make a comeback. But I don’t think they should be playable as characters races. But more on that later…

By the way, does anyone recognize the program that map was done with? I only have faint memories and I remember that it was pretty easy to use but I just don’t have any idea how the mapping tool was called. Can anyone give me a hint?

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  1. Hey! isn't that the map generator that was included in with first release of 3E? Or was it one of the later AD&D products from the late 90's? I loved using that software , but have since long lost it. Any idea where I can pick it up?

  2. There was a map generator released with 3E? Really?

    I am really not sure what software it was I used to create that map, but when I think about it, it probably was something by/for TSR. Look at a closeup of the compass rose on my map and you'll see.

  3. I didn't remember a map generator being released with 3E either.

    It kind of reminds me of building maps with some of the later RPGMaker games, it's of an appropriate style, but is still nicer-looking even than those.. I wish I knew though, I'd like to try my hand out at whatever program you used.

  4. Hmm, I did some research on google and I think I probably used the Map Maker II software from some AD&D Core Rules CD. I think I have the CD lying around somewhere.

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