One GM screen to rule them all

I have seen a lot GM screens in my roleplaying times and most of them were either not too sturdy or the information printed on the GM’s side was only partially useful. One excellent GM screen was the one released by WotC for the new D&D 4th Edition but there’s another GM screen that put’s them all to shame!

I am talking about the “Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen” by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. For around 26 bucks you get a sturdy trifold vinyl screen that has 6 pockets that you can use to customize your screen. I currently use it with the Pirates of the Spanish Main insets that you get for free at the official site, but you can easily create your own insets. If you don’t mind to create your own insets, you can use this GM screen with any roleplaying game. And since it’s coated with vinyl it’s pretty resistance to the common dangers on the playing table like sticky softdrinks, candle wax and/or spilled snack food.
You can even use it to hit your players if they don’t behave. It’s the perfect tool for the GM. 🙂

5 thoughts on “One GM screen to rule them all”

  1. For D&D, WotC makes desktop images available for download. You could always print those out and slip them in on the outside part. That's what I do for covers for my three ring binders.

  2. That is truly awe-inspiring. As my SO said when I described it, “That’s kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it?” You’d think so, but I’ve never heard of something like this before.

    It’s at the top of my wishlist now for sure.

    d7s last blog post..Savage Worlds breadcrumbs

  3. To follow up, my wife bought it for me. Three years on, I’m still using and loving this screen, making my own inserts for it and appreciating the extra width and lower profile.

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