Can Mutants & Masterminds replace d20 Modern?

In an earlier post I’ve written about the dead or undead status of d20 Modern. And so I was looking for an alternative. And at once Mutants & Masterminds comes to mind. But isn’t it a superhero game? Yes, it is, but it’s far more versatile than that.

If you plan to run a modern day campaign with no magic, superpowers, whatever, just reduce the power level to suit your campaign style and disallow all powers that would not fit into your setting. A character like the costumed adventurer archetype would probably fit into any spy campaign, when you replace the silly bat costume with some special ops clothing. A martial artist is the easist to fit into the game and even a gadgeteer may be shoehorned into your campaign world (especially if you play in the near future or the campaign features gadgets like from a James Bond movie). 

When you add some magic or psionics to the mix (like in the original Agents of PSI or Urban Arcana settings from the d20 Modern corebook), you can easily bring more M&M archetypes into the mix without even change that much.

The implied setting of M&M is a modern world (as the one we live in) with superheroes being a reality. The rule book also provides you with stats for modern and archaic weapons, armor and even vehicles. So that’s another issue you don’t have to worry about.

So, if you’re looking for a great roleplaying game for your modern campaign, check out Mutants & Masterminds.

4 thoughts on “Can Mutants & Masterminds replace d20 Modern?”

  1. Green Ronin has some impressive stuff, if I were wanting to use the M&M rules for a d20 Modern game, I would go with their True20 rules, which is based upon the M&M rules.

    They already have fantasy, wild west, and cybernetic companions, but the core rules can be adapted to pretty much any genre.

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  2. I ahve checked out True20 and it's probably another good alternative, but I prefer M&M over True20 because it doesn't use any classes.

  3. I'd absolutely use M&M as an alternative to d20 Modern. While I like d20M a lot, it's got a cinematic style that doesn't suit every genre, whereas M&M can handle pretty much anything and deliver the feel you want. Just set the Power Level, and you're all set. Great stuff.

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