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Canon Puncture ShowI checked the blog stats this morning an noticed that the  site links to my blog. I have to admit, I’ve never heard from that site before and checked it out. I found out that Canon Puncture is a roleplaying game podcast that published its 73th episode just a few days ago and the latest episode is actually talking about my blog post “When your campaign has jumped the shark“.

I had a lot of fun listening to episode 73 of “Canon Puncture” and I am sure you’ll enjoy listening to those guys talking about RPGs, too, so check this podcast out if you have the time!

3 thoughts on “Stargazer’s World on Canon Puncture”

  1. Thanks for the information! I actually didn't know that they are part of the network. We just have to many members, you can't possibly know every member blog and/or podcast.

    But I am sure there are a lot of interesting podcast out there. Alas I just don't have enough time to listen to all of those.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for blogging about us and giving us some kind words. And thanks for this post that inspired our discussion. You've got good content here, and I bet we'll be coming back here for more discussion topics in the future.

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