A lot of RPG fans love Penny Arcade and I am no exception. Recently the first chapter of “Automata” has been completed. What I want to share with you today is a video created by Christoph Hermiteer that adds a soundtrack to the six-paged comic.

The world of “Automata” is also interesting from a roleplaying standpoint. In my opinion alternate history settings always make great settings for RPGs. Who knows, perhaps Automata could be effectively used in a one-shot adventure.

3 thoughts on “Automata”

    1. Cool! That's exactly what I was writing about! By the way, did the Penny Arcade guys post the background info on the setting somewhere on their website or did you just make it up yourself?
      I will definitively follow the development of your Automata pdf and give it a try when it's done. At least when I can convince my group that they want to play it. 😉

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