Six-Sided Fantasy SRD released

Six sided dice While WEG’s Eric Gibson hasn’t shown up on the WEG Fan Forums for ages and things are generally looking grim for the future of the OpenD6 project, a fellow RPG blogger has provided us with the Six-Sided Fantasy System Reference Document.

The Six-Sixed Fantasy SRD consists of several well laid out RTF files that provide you with all the rules necessary to run a fantasy game or create your own variant rules. Please note that all trademarked material and all references to WEG trademarks have been removed from the SRD.

4 thoughts on “Six-Sided Fantasy SRD released”

    1. These are the original D6 books released by WEG with the OGL attached. They are probably a good choice for most players and GMs. But if you want to release anything under the OGL using these rules, the SRD is probably a better choice.

  1. This is the kind of thing that D6 fans have been waiting for. If Eric had just done this on the WEG website then all this Open D6 'special website' nosense wouldn't have happened.

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