Savage (Worlds) Excitement!

Around these parts the big proponent of Savage Worlds has always been Michael. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I discovered this blog doing a Google search for information about Savage Worlds reviews and resources. I loved the posts, the tone of the discussion, made a great friend and Stargazer’s World became my home on the internet. So in a way it is fitting that I write this post.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group announced the details of the much anticipated Savage Worlds Deluxe book (some info from apathy games in the previous link). They will begin pre-sales of the book at Origins this weekend, and they will also have pre-order bundles available from their website, and the book will be available on PDF this Saturday! I am really excited about this.

I love Savage worlds, despite only having played it once. I am inching to play again, and would love to join a game at Gen Con. I am definitely going to pre-order this weekend. Check it out! Best of luck to the Pinnacle folk with this new book…

6 thoughts on “Savage (Worlds) Excitement!”

  1. That is really exciting news! I believed they would release the game at Gen Con, so I am positively surprised that it will be available (at least for preorder and in PDF form) on Saturday. Alas I am totally broke right now, so I'll have to wait for a couple more days before I can get mine.

  2. I am really excited! Word of mouth from the licencees is very positive. For some reason I was also positive this would be a GenCon release. What a nice surprise!

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