Help Rogue Games fund Containment!

Rogue Experiments I just learned about the Containment Kickstarter a few minutes ago. I was actually just looking for something on the Rogue Games website, when I noticed that they recently started a Kickstarter project for “Containment – espionage roleplaying during the Cold War”. The game will come in a boxed set (Yay!) and contain the rulebook, a gamemaster’s book, two adventures and all the dice needed to play. Since Rogue Games usually utilizes their 12° system, I guess it will be two d12.

The Kickstarter will end in 27 days from now and it’s still far away from its $8000 goal. So if you are interested in Cold war espionage games, why don’t you check out the Kickstarter project page?

One thought on “Help Rogue Games fund Containment!”

  1. I got in on this right away; 5th person, I think.

    I hope the project has what it takes to attract the interest, attention, and donations of other like-minded gamers. The pitch really caught me on a lot of levels… and like you, I had to smile when I saw that they want to release it as a box set.

    Damn, I miss box sets.

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